Working with materials scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, [our own Brian Wardle] Paglen developed an artifact designed to last billions of years—an ultra-archival disc, micro-etched with one hundred photographs and encased in a gold-plated shell.

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The necstlab (pronounced next lab) research group explores new concepts in engineered materials and structures, and is directed by Prof. Wardle in the Dept. of Aeronautics & Astronautics at MIT. The group's mission is to lead the advancement and application of new knowledge at the forefront of materials and structures understanding, with research contributions in both science and engineering. Applications of interest include enhanced (aerospace) advanced composites, multifunctional attributes of structures such as damage sensing, and also microfabricated (MEMS) topics. A significant effort over the past decade has been to use nanoscale materials to enhance performance of advanced aerospace materials and their structures through the industry supported NECST Consortium.

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