Dr. Soda Man's Correspondence File

You too can write to Doctor Soda Man!

Dave 3 (9/11/99)

Have you sampled Dr. Whatever? If not, then I recommend . . . AGAINST IT!!! Ohh, so bad. It could be a regional thing (N.Y. state). Also, some of us prefer to crack -- er -- slide open a Dr. Smooth on a hot day. In fact, once we threw a Smooth down three flights of stairs, and it still slid open. We shook it for over an hour, and it still slid open! We even tempted fate in rooms which were supposed to be soda free. If you like your soda flat, then you'll love Smooth chilled. It actually loses carbonation!!! Anyhow, the page is great!!! I look forward to sampling future Dr.'s. Peace. [Dr. Soda Man wonders: What is this sudden surge in interest in Dr. Smooth?]

Dave 2 (9/9/99)

Your Dr. soda page is incredible! I never knew that there was anyone else who was so devoted to the Dr. sodas. I did notice that you were missing Dr. Riffic (available in a drug store chain in upstate New York). You're not missing much. I was surprised about your apparent lack of devotion to Dr. Smooth; you just can't beat its smoothness. I like to shake up the bottle before drinking it . . . it's never spilled yet! You are undoubtedly the Dr. god. Good work!

Sam (9/9/99)

I admire and respect your academic professionalism in compiling the Dr. soda list. Perhaps you would care to mention the unbelievable smoothness (flatness) of Dr. Smooth . . . . Kudos.

Jim (8/29/99)

I am looking for information about a soda that was around in the United States during the '50s and '60s. It was called Dr. Nut. Do you or anyone there know anything about that product? Do you know where I could go to find out more about it? Do you know where I could get a can or bottle of Dr. Nut for a collector friend of mine? Please let me know. Thanks for your time.

Bryan (5/27/99)

My friend did not believe in Dr. Slice. After visiting your website he now owes me all-you-can-eat ribs at Tony Roma's. Thanks. [Reply: Dr. Soda Man is here for you, the Dr. soda enthusiast. Ribs are appreciated.]

Kenton (5/6/99)

Well, what can I say? I like your website. I'm working on one myself at present. Hopefully it will be up and running soon. I have several that you do not have, and you have several that I do not have. I thought we might be able to work out a trade, if you are interested. I have extras of Dr. Wells, Dr. Kist, and Dr. Lynn. I do not have Dr. Starr, Dr. S, Dr. Randalls, or Dr. Cool. So what do you think? Are you interested? If you are curious, here is some Dr. drink news: Dr. Perky from Food Lion now has a new can, and Dr. Topper (a drink I do not have) is now called Dr. Red and White. Here is a list of the ones I have: A+, Becker, Best, Chek, Cheer, Choice, Delight, Hytop, K, Kist, Lynn, Quencher, Perfect, Perky, Pop, Lotsa Pop, Riffic, Right, Rocket, Shasta, Skipper, Slice, Smooth, Stripe, Thirst, Thunder, Wells, West, Zing. I'm hoping to add to my collection over the summer months. Though I do not collect the diet versions, I would be happy to trade with you if you are interested. Also, I can send you a list of all the ones I know exist in a spreadsheet format. I know of 87 different ones, if that would help you. Email me, and tell me what you think.

Terri, an employee of Cadbury Schweppes PLC (5/3/99)

To whom it may concern: you may be interested to know that there is no period after Dr in any of the Dr Pepper brands.

Jeff (4/30/99)

How much caffeine does Dr. Skipper have?

apriltoptenwackysites@aol.com (4/1/99)

Congratulations! Your "Authoritative Doctor Soda Page" has been selected for AOL's Top Ten Sites of the Month list for April, in the category "Wacky". This recognizes the excellence and wackiness of your weird web page. This listing usually results in thousands of extra hits on your web page, and perhaps as many as hundreds of emails from potential customers! If you have any questions or comments about this award, please call us at 703-938-5177. Again, congratulations! [Dr. Soda Man was deeply disappointed when he noticed the date this message was sent.]

Javier (9/24/98)

Is Dr. Slice a hybrid of Slice and Dr Pepper produced from the same company?

Dave 1 (7/8/98)

Guess I should have figured there would be more of these pages around. Nice work on yours! You've found quite a few I hadn't heard of yet -- guess I need to head out east again. If you'd like to see some more varieties, as well as five more pages devoted to this silliness, check out http://falcon.cc.ukans.edu/~dschul/drp/dr.html.