And This is Why

Last updated 1/12/97

Professor Cooney 12/4/96 10.200 discussion:
"A goat turns out to be a relatively inexpensive bioreactor."

Bill Cutter 10/24/96 choir rehearsal:
"What's the difference between a soprano and a rottweiler?..."

Bill Cutter 10/3/96 choir rehearsal:
"Very good. You sound like a room full of small dogs."

At the same choir rehearsal:
Hungarian coach: "Some of you sang szora instead of sora."
Bill: "Oh, but how can that be?"

Professor Daniel Kemp 9/20/96 5.12 lecture:
[If Mattuck is Stephen Sondheim, then Kemp is Sweeney Todd.
Make of that what you will...]
"[Favorable equilibrium combined with high energy barrier]
is generally the case with high explosives.
Explosives without this barrier are not likely to store well.
A company which makes these is likely to go out of business unexpectedly."

same lecture:
"For those of you who chose chemistry
because of an excess of testosterone...
Well, that's why I got in:
the thought that I could make gunpowder.
And some of us did survive.
And some of us ended up teaching on university faculties.
I won't even tell you what happened to those of us who didn't.

Professor Kemp 9/18/96 5.12 lecture:
"The exam is graded by the TA's tomorrow after you take it -
so everyone is miserable tomorrow, essentially."

Professor Kemp 9/17/96 5.12 review session:
"Even if you're intuitive, it's sometimes good for the soul
to be logical and precise."

Professor Kemp 9/16/96 5.12 lecture:
"Haste deletes carbons."

Professor Kemp 9/13/96 5.12 lecture:
"Make some sort of noise - not too impolite - if you find that truly repellant."

An exchange which happened between a student and TA in recitation:
Student, who is staring perplexedly at board: "But how would I be know that?"
TA, who just explained it: "Ummm...because I'm telling you that?"

Professor Kemp 9/9/96 5.12 lecture:
"It's early in the term - you should be able to observe this
before the mental rot sets in."

Professor Mattuck 4/8/96 18.03 lecture:
"...the math open house - I won't be there (except for food). You'll meet real mathematicians the Unabomber."

same lecture:
"So I got a call from this reporter giving me the title of his [the Unabomber's] PHD thesis and asking what it's about. I'm considering a new profession, but it's probably too late."

same lecture:
"This is the system in its most compact and unintelligible form."

Professor Mattuck 3/19/96 18.03 lecture:
"What's a pretty little thing like you doing studying convolutions?"

Professor Mattuck 3/15/96 18.03 lecture:
"Go home and sin over the weekend. And I'll see you Monday."

Professor Ralston, 3/13/96 21H346 lecture:
"This is very simpleminded economics. Don't take notes. I may not know what I'm talking about."

Professor Mattuck, 2/28/96 18.03 lecture:
"You heard about it in 18.02. It's called a linear combination. I know Hartley Rogers used those words. He uses them passing my office in the hall."

Professor Mattuck, 2/21/96 18.03 lecture:
"You've reduced a second order equation you can't solve to a first order equation you can't solve. And that's called progress."

Professor Bawendi, Valentine's Day 5.60 lecture:
"Joule was on his honeymoon, and he was measuring equivalences of work and heat in nature... That's not what I meant..."

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