Digital Apollo: Human and Machine in Spaceflight

by David A. Mindell




A number of interviews were conducted

under the auspices of the original HRST project:

HRST 1 Group oral history interview
(Ramon Alonso, Dan Lickly, Joe Gabin, David Hoag, Cline Fraiser, Eldon Hall, Margaret Hamilton, Fred Martin)

HRST 2 Group oral history interview
(Alex Kosmala, Jim Miller, Herb Thaler, Ramon Alonso, Margaret Hamilton, Dan Lickly, Fred Martin)

HRST 3 Group oral history interview
(Manufacturing: Cline Frasier, Bart Truner, Dave Bates, Jack Poundstone, Ed Blondin, Hugh Blair-Smith, Herb Briss, Eldon Hall, Dave Hanley, Ed Duggan)

HRST 4 Group oral history interview
(Intermetrics: Alex Kosmala, Ed Copps, Dan Lickly, John Miller, John Green, Fred Martin)

Interview with Dick Battin