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West Campus

  1. Alpine Bagel/Cambridge Grill
    Lobdell Food Court
  2. Punj Juice Bar

Central Campus

  1. Bio Café
  2. Bosworth's
    Dome Café
  3. Building 4 Café

East Campus

  1. Pritchett Grill @ Walker
  2. Refresher Course
  3. Stata Center

Dining A to Z-Center

MIT Campus Dining has one of the most diverse dining operations in the nation. With 20 locations on campus, including 3 convenience stores, 2 restaurants off campus, and pizza delivery, you are never far from a meal or snack. Because how you incorporate food into your busy schedule is a matter of personal choice, MIT Campus Dining is committed to providing you with diverse flavors, locations and services that respect your valuable time and nutritional demands. We strive to present you with exciting and nutritious menu choices at a great value. Above all, we want you to feel good about the food you eat, the service you receive, and the social camaraderie you experience when you visit our venues. For your convenience, all locations accept payment with your TechCASH debit card.

West Campus

Alpine Bagel Café and Cambridge Grill @ The Student Center
Building W20-101 (Stratton Student Center), First Floor
84 Massachusetts Avenue
Manager: Ken Baumhauer -
Telephone: 617.452.4089
Regular Hours: Monday thru Friday 7am to 11pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am to 11pm - special hours in effect

The Alpine Bagel Café and Cambridge Grill features fresh bagels, breakfast sandwiches, bagelwiches, smoothies, salads, specialty pizza and grill items. On the first floor of the Student Center , this location is the perfect stop for a meal on the go or to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view with friends.   T$ 

Alpine Bagel Café and Cambridge Grill Menu

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Lobdell Food Court
Building W20 (Stratton Student Center), Second Floor
84 Massachusetts Avenue
Manager: James Gubata -
Telephone: 617.258.9297
Regular Hours: Monday through Thursday, 11am-3pm, Friday 11am-2 pm - special hours in effect

As soon as you walk in the door, you know you have entered the dining center of MIT. No matter what kind of food you are in the mood for, Lobdell Food Court will quickly become one of your favorite destinations.

Weather you are in the mood for an Eel & Carrot Roll or a California Roll, our Sushi chefs will prepare custom delicacies just for you. When your time is at a premium, our Sushi Showcase will have all of your favorites .

Welcome to the world of Pasta! Heaping portions of at least three specialty pasta dishes daily will join traditional favorites like vegetarian and meat lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs. All of our dishes are served with a fresh baked bread stick and add a side salad to complete your meal.

Traditional thick crust Italian Pizza you just have to taste. Pesto's Pizza features a cheese, pepperoni and two specialty pies daily.  T$ 

Lobdell Food Court Menu

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Punj Juice Bar
Building W35 (Z-Center)
120 Vassar Street
Manager: Steve Mathieu
Telephone: 617.324.6850
Regular Hours: Monday through Friday, 7am-9pm - special hours in effect

Punj Juice offers refreshments to meet a wide variety of tastes. Refreshing and nutritious smoothies and protein shakes are made to order, just for you. Never from concentrate, their unique tea and chai beverages are smooth, fragrant and healthful. The menu also includes Bubble tea, coffee, Italian soda and snacks. There is something for every thirst at Punj Juice Bar.   T$ 

Punj Juice Bar Menu

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Central Campus

Bio Café
Building 68 (Biology Building), First Floor
31 Ames Street
Manager: James Gubata -
Assistant Manager: Paula Lima -
Executive Chef: Rick McKinney -
Telephone: 617.252.1864 
Regular Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am-3pm - special hours in effect

Try a combo meal here, one of the best sub sandwich values on campus. Bio Café also features breakfast sandwiches, smoothies and fresh baked items. Sub Connection is more than a great sub shop; it is an exciting integration of sandwiches made to order plus all of your favorite snacks and beverages. If you can imagine a combination of fruit, Frossen Flo can transform them into a frosty blend that tastes entirely too good to be true.   T$ 

Bio Café Menu

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Lobby 7 (Rogers Building)
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Operations Director: James Gubata -
Service Manager: Paula Lima -
Telephone: 617.324.5279
Regular Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm - special hours in effect

Designed by MIT for MIT, this café features state of the art design, the latest in LED display boards, potent fresh brewed Peet’s Coffees, hot and iced specialty drinks and gourmet teas, plus fabulous pastries and desserts by renowned Boston bakeries. Bosworth’s, a coffee drinker’s favorite, is not to be missed.   T$ 

Bosworth's Menu

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Building 4 Café
Building 4, First Floor (off Infinite Corridor)
182 Memorial Drive
Manager: James Gubata -
Assistant Manager: Paula Lima -
Telephone: 617.253.0154
Regular Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8am-9pm ; Friday, 8am-3pm - special hours in effect

In the heart of the “infinite corridor,” Building 4 Café is MIT's busiest location per square foot! It is perfect for a quick cup of freshly brewed Green Mountain Coffee Roasters coffee and a bagel in the morning, or soup and a sandwich for your afternoon or early evening meal on the run. The café also offers Good-to-Go salads, sandwiches and specialty items, including a wide variety of sushi prepared daily.   T$ 

Building 4 Coffee Shop Menu

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Dome Café
Building 7 (Rogers Building), Fourth Floor
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Manager: James Gubata -
Service Manager: Paula Lima -
Telephone: 617.258.9293
Regular Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8am-6pm; Friday, 8am-3pm - special hours in effect

Conveniently located in the heart of campus at the School of Architecture , the Dome Café offers a comfortable bistro setting sprinkled with plazma screens and conversation. The café features fresh brewed Green Mountain coffees and other assorted hot and cold beverages, hot grilled-to-order Panini sandwiches, GOOD-TO-GO sandwiches, salads, sushi, soups and desserts.  T$ 

Dome Café Menu

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East Campus

Pritchett Grill @ Walker
Building 50 (Walker Memorial), Second Floor
142 Memorial Drive
Manager: Heather Little -
Executive Chef: Rick McKinney -
Telephone: 617.253.2410
Regular Hours: Monday through Friday, 6pm-11pm; Saturday and Sunday, 11am-11pm - special hours in effect

The Pritchett Grill is a place to gather for evening meals, a quick snack or to just hang out with friends. This east campus favorite offers something for everyone with a menu that ranges from pasta entrees with side salads to the classic burger and fries combo. The Pritchett Convenience Store features Good-to-Go sandwiches and salads, packaged prepared entrees, snacks, beverages, laundry detergent and other sundries and health and beauty products.   Δ   T$ 

Pritchett Grill Menu

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Refresher Course
Building E52 (Sloan Building), First Floor
50 Memorial Drive
Manager: Nirali Patel
Telephone: 617.253.3176
Regular Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8am-5pm; Friday, 8am-3pm - special hours in effect

Refresher Course is a deli that serves made-to-order sandwiches and wraps, a daily hot entrée special, cappuccino, and assorted fresh-baked goods. Open for breakfast and lunch, Refresher Course caters to the Sloan Community.  T$ 

Refresher Course Menu

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Forbes Family Café @ Stata
Building 32
32 Vassar Street
Regular Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30am–3pm - special hours in effect

MIT's new Ray and Maria Stata Center for Computer Information and Intelligence Sciences features a 220-seat dining facility that serves continental breakfast and an extensive lunch menu.

Our newest restaurant / food court serving the East Campus, Forbes Café proudly serves Starbucks Coffee, freshly made fruit smoothies and bubble tea from MIT’s own Ping Ping Chai! In addition, you’ll find pizza, baked pasta and toasted sandwiches, hot entrees, made-to-order specials as well as grab-n-go sandwiches and salads. The facility will be open extended hours for café items such as coffee, snacks and to-go meals.  T$ 

Forbes Family Café Menu

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