The Committee on Discipline

The Committee on Discipline is a faculty committee consisting of 6 members of the faculty, 3 undergraduate representatives, 2 graduate representatives and a representative from each of the three Dean’s offices. The COD’s mandate is to “adjudicate cases of alleged misconduct by a student brought to its attention.” (see Committee on Discipline–Rules and Regulations). The disciplinary process at MIT is an educational one and the COD is a non-punitive and non-adversarial process where the needs of the Institute are balanced against the potential educational needs of a respondent. The COD procedures are strictly confidential, and every effort is taken to ensure that the privacy of both parties is protected.

Once a formal complaint is brought to OSC, it is brought to Professor Sheila Widnall, the Chair of the COD, for determination of the proper venue for adjudication. A complaint may be sent to a full COD hearing of at least 8 members (2 of which must be faculty), a COD panel (5 members with at least 2 faculty), to a student judicial committee or for administrative review. Each complaint is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but any case that has a potential sanction of suspension or expulsion will be heard by a full COD hearing.

The COD and its members should also be thought of as a resource for all members of the community. If you have a question about Institute values or standards any member of the COD can help you understand how they relate to you. For faculty, the COD is an excellent resource for helping you understand your options in cases of alleged academic misconduct.

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