Dave Broderick's Home Page

So... it's an old picture. Pictures can be links, too...

Audio visual technician at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Friend to animals, cheap guitars, and unwanted PC's. My favorite photograph of San Juan, Puerto Rico at sunset. Photo of Roy Buchanan, one of the best guitarists who ever lived.

My Resume.. well, everyone else does it! They show pictures of their pets, too!
My Union the R.D.T.E.U.
I ride a recumbent bike, and I love it.

My gig schedule-- A live database. Well, it's live if I update it. If you can't read it, or the server crashed, you probably didn't want to go anyway.

More Pictures, Jpeg files:

(Me in the Bahamas, not so long ago.)
Lexington High School Class of 1966 Reunion