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Damien Rochford
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Hi! I'm Damien. I'm a postdoctoral fellow here at MIT Philosophy, funded by MIT's Office of Digital Learning. I help the philosophy department create and teach edX courses, and teach other courses too.

I also do philosophy (I got my PhD from MIT at the end of 2013). My main shtick is at the intersection of epistemology and philosophy of mind. But I'm interested in lots of things.

I welcome — nay, crave — feedback on my work. Don't be a stranger.

Here is my CV, for interested parties.


Published Papers


I was co-founder, with Gaurav Vazirani, of a project we call Wi-Phi. The goal is to make philosophy widely available through the internet in a form interesting and accessible to people with no background in the subject. We have a website.

Wi-phi is inspired by the Khan Academy .

If you have any interest in contributing, contact me. Stay tuned for updates.

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32-D835 617-258-8084

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