September 2014

Prof. Gibson launches 3.032x Mechanical Behavior of Materials, on online MITx subject.

August 2014

Patrick Dixon presents at the World Congress on Timber Engineering in Quebec City, Canada.

July 2014

Patrick Dixon’s paper, The structure and mechanics of Moso bamboo appears in J. Royal Society Interface online. (J. R. Soc. Interface 2014 11, 20140321, published 23 July 2014).

July 2014

Structural bamboo products project featured on MIT homepage:

April 2014

Postdoc Sardar Malekmohammadi joins the group to work on the balsa project.

January 2014

UROP Caitlin Sample presents at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting in Austin, TX.

July 2013

Kevin Chen completes SM degree in Mechanical Engineering, finishing his thesis on composite aerogel panels.

April 2013

Postdoc Marc Borrega joins the group to work on the balsa project.

September 2012

Patrick Dixon joins the group to work on Structural Bamboo Products.

August 2012

Lorna Gibson's paper "Hierarchical structure and mechanics of plant materials" is published online in J. Royal Society Interface.

Lorna Gibson delivers the opening keynote talk at Plant Biomechanics conference in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Sandra Crawford-Jenkins joins the group as administrative assistant.

March 2011

"A Report on the Status of Women Faculty in the Schools of Science and Engineering at MIT, 2011"; Professor Gibson chaired the committee reviewing the status of women faculty in Engineering. Press coverage in Science, the NY Times, Boston Globe, National Public Radio.

November 2010

ChondroMimetic, a collagen based implant for the treatment of small osteochondral joint surface lesions, initially developed as part of our Cambridge-MIT Institute project, is commercialized for use in Europe by Tigenix.

September 2010

Cellular Materials in Nature and Medicine is published by Cambridge University Press (co-authored by Lorna J Gibson, Michael F Ashby and Brendan A Harley).

August 2009

New York Times article on the bi-layer osteochondral scaffold developed as part of our Cambridge-MIT Institute project.