Research Topics

Please see the individual research statements of group members in the "People" section. Representative images and figures from our current work are shown below.

Scanning electron micrograph showing the interaction of backpacks with macrophages after 3 h of incubation in standard cell culture conditions [abstract]

Controlled orientation of microtubes on the surface of B-cells [abstract]

High Resolution SEM of vertically aligned Carbon Nanotube Forests [link]

Depth Profiling XPS of Organic Nanostructured Thin Films [abstract]

Emissision spectra (A) and Confocal microscopy image (B) of a film functionalized with FITC-BSA and RB-PEG. [link]

Interaction of WEHI 265.1 Monocytes with Fluorescent antibody coated i) array ii) backpacks [link]

(A) Confocal microscope Z-slices of a living immune cell multilayer assembled with the CD44 cell surface receptor i) first layer of cells (green) ii) second layer of cells (red) [link]

PEG grafted PVA / PAA hydrogel illustrating its antifogging properties compared to bare glass substrate. [link]