Environmental and Financial Performance Literature Webpage

by Donald P. Cram (bio webpage here)

(MIT Sloan School of Management)

and Dinah Koehler (bio in .pdf here)

(Harvard School of Public Health)

We have written a review paper currently titled "Environmental Management and Corporate Financial Performance," as abstracted below, and seek to collect working papers and publications that address the relationship between firms' environmental actions and financial consequences for shareholders. By this supporting webpage, http://web.mit.edu/doncram/www/environmental/envir-fin-literature.html, we seek to establish a complete listing of papers in this area. Links to papers that are available on the internet are provided where possible. We expect that the public listing of these papers will in itself be a service to managers and environmentalists interested in these issues. We plan to maintain this listing on a continuing basis even after our own critical review article is completed.

Please email requests for our March 2000 review paper, and comments and suggestions or copies of other papers or references to: doncram@mit.edu or by postal mail to:

Donald P. Cram
MIT Sloan School
Cambridge, MA 02142
Dinah may be reached at dkoehler@hsph.harvard.edu.

Our Abstract (Version of March 27, 2000):

We review the growing literature relating corporate environmental performance to financial performance. We seek to identify achievements and limitations of this literature and to highlight areas for further research. Our primary interest is to assess the adequacy of the literature in informing corporate managers how, when, and where to make pro-environment investments that will pay off with financial returns for long-term shareholders. To do so, we create a conceptual framework that maps the influence of regulators, public health scientists, environmental advocates, consumers, employees, and other interested parties upon corporate financial returns. Our discussion has relevance to all parties interested in influencing corporate actions that affect the environment.

Click here to go to our current listing of papers bearing on this topic: Cram-Koehler Performance On-Line Environmental-Financial Bibliography