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Every Tuesday there's a Committee on Housing and Orientation (CHO) meeting at 7pm in the UA office (w20-401). You should go, to find out what's going on and how you could contribute. We're always seeking input. You can also email ua-cho-chairs with suggestions or fill out our web form.

About RSIT

The Residence System Implementation Team was created following the release of the Design of the New Residence System by Chancellor Lawrence S. Bacow in December, 1999. The charge of the Implementation Team is to create and enact the specific policies and programs needed to transition into the residence system described in the Design.

In January 2000, a team of students formed an Implementation Team (colloquially named "Impish") with representation from the Undergraduate Associate Committee on Housing and Orientation (UA-CHO), the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the Dormitory Council (DormCon). The work of this team is summarized in its Spring Term 2000 Report.

Beginning in fall, 2000, the official Residence System Implementation Team began meeting with representatives from the Offices of the Dean for Student Life and Residential Life and Student Life Programs (including Housing, Residential Programs and the FSILG Advising Team), a representative from the undergraduate dormitory Housemasters, and representatives from UA-CHO, IFC, the Panhellenic Association (PanHel) and DormCon. The original chair of this team was Larry Benedict, Dean for Student Life. The current chair is Barbara Baker, Associate Dean for Student Life Programs.

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