Residence Selection 2002
(Lottery, I3, Dorm Orientation, etc.)


List the Current Members of the Project Group: Denise Vallay, Katie O'Dair, Jeff Roberts, Vikash Gilja, Grace Kessenich, Matt Cain

Project Group Scope

* Undergraduate Housing Assignments and related factors (parameters around how assignments are determined).

* Dorm Orientation - what it involves, timing, scope, how to fit with MIT Orientation

* Lottery - dates/times/operational issues

* Changing current waiting system (multiple lotteries/different semesters)

* Marketing/Communicating to pre-frosh about MIT residential system - I-Campus

Project Group Vision

When freshmen come on campus, they will be housed in a permanent fashion should that be their choice. If it is not their choice, they will have the opportunity to request a change through a lottery. This will give the students an opportunity to look around and move (should they desire) to encourage liquidity in the system. The students will have received a wide variety of information in multiple forms in order to make an informed preference during the summer. Current upperclass students living in residence halls will work to make changes within their residences based on the new guidelines.


Please "*" any that you would describe as having been a significant part of your group's process to date.

* Freshmen

* Residence Hall residents


* Room Assignment chairs


* Orientation office, staff, students, schedule

* Student Activities

* Dean for Student Life

* Academic Resource Center - Freshman Dean's office

Short-term Priorities

* Come up with a new lottery algorithm

* Determine timeline for when assignments are made

* Figure out appropriate language to go into literature/publications to describe new process

Larger Issues/Needs

* Timing issues - in relation to Orientation - when students can have the opportunity to look at housing options and how that is carried out.

* What to call it - recruitment, rush, sorting?

* FILG recruitment and how that relates to dorm life

* Checks and balances - are we meeting our deadlines, project plans?

* Are we making decisions in concert with the Bacow report?

* Who will look at the freshman year experience? (all freshmen now on campus)