Orientation 2002

The schedule proposes that each day be assigned a topic. The day would begin with the mornings dedicated for exams, Athena courses, and housekeeping items (ex. New photo ID, entering the PE lottery, information on the learning communities) followed by an activity/speaker and then discussion groups when necessary. The evenings will be reserved for activities that provide a relaxed environment for the Class of 2006 to meet each other and other parts of their new community.


Tentative Planning Schedule:

September 10 — October 15 Assessment of Orientation 2001

Meet with remaining stakeholders

October 15 — November 15 Circulate schedule to stakeholders

November 15 Main events assigned a date

Month of January Recruit Orientation Coordinators

Month of February Hire Orientation Coordinators/Recruit Orientation Leaders

April 1 90% of Orientation 2002 Planned

Stakeholders/Current Status

International Student Office:

Transfer Students:



Academic Testing/Academic Programs/Academic Advising:

Parents Orientation:

Graduate Student Orientation: