Minutes: Residence System Implementation Meeting: 3/19/02

Attendees: Barbara Baker, Rick Gresh, Tony Gray, Denise Vallay, Matt Cain, Grace Kessenich, Kate Baxter, Fran Miles, Sara Pierce, Josh Yardley, Katie O'Dair

The meeting was opened at 4:00 by Barbara Baker who thanked everyone for their time and efforts.

Barbara asked if anyone had any questions on assessment and if there was any information that we need to know?

CPW Update

Zaragoza handed out the latest schedule. Stated that MIT admitted a class of 1704 students. Some of that number are early action students. Two hundred early action students have stated that they will attend CPW. Once all the regular action students get their envelopes he expects a flood of calls about CPW.

The CPW schedule is in rough form but will eventually go to final and be printed. Went over some of the events e.g. FSILG Parents Reception on Saturday 1t 6:30–7:30. Admissions and DormCon are providing funding to support dorm-sponsored events, primarily during the open house time block on Sunday. There has been approximately $4600 in event requests. Volunteer staffing is going well.

Early Returns

Denise Vallay has been working to develop a sense of the numbers of early returns for this coming Orientation. Mtgs. with organizers/coaches/Dormcon and are looking at numbers from last year. Met with House Managers to start determining how many rooms in each building are available (i.e. not under renovation, etc.). Meeting is set for 3/27 with Gayle Gallagher of Conference Services. Housemaster Brunch is Thursday morning. It will be left up to building to decide how many they can accommodate.

There are two schools of thought—let everyone back to provide the best sense of what it is really like to live in each building OR cap the numbers to ensure that those who are around are contributing directly and to ensure various efforts can focus primarily on the needs of first-year students. Whole idea of early returns is to have people come for set purpose, such as contributing to orientation. After Thursday meeting the Housemasters will go back to house and solidify plans with the house governments.


Subgroup met to discuss assessment (Barbara, Jeff, Grace, and Rick). Overall plan/strategy for assessment of residential portion of RSIT distributed. ( See Assessment Components document)

More in-depth discussion was held around participation in resident survey organized by national benchmarking and housing associations. Rick will be meeting with Housemasters to discuss further. DormCon will discuss the survey at its upcoming meeting. Survey allows for 10 MIT-specific questions.

Information was distributed regarding first-year student participation in national survey during Orientation (Friday morning before CityDays). MIT participates in this survey every four years - and its purpose is to develop national statistics on the incoming class.

Another subgroup will start discussing what the FSILGs will be doing to assess their progress/efforts.

Update from Liz Young

Five Orientation Coordinators have been chosen
The Activities Midway has a timbeFriday from 4:30–7:00 PM

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