Residence System Implementation Team (RSIT)

Wednesday, 5/2 @ 4:00-5:00 in PDR-3

Attendees: Larry Benedict, Katie O’Dair, Julie Norman, Rick Gresh, Phillip Bernard, Charles Stewart, Becca Grochow, Vikash Gilja, Jeff Roberts, Andres Sawicki, Liz Young and Annie Wang

The meeting was opened at 4:00pm by Larry Benedict.

Benedict informed the panel that Chancellor, Larry Bacow expressed interest in attending the June RSIT Meeting. The next meeting RSIT meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 6 @ 8:00-9:00 in PDR-3. The RSIT panel looks forward to Chancellor Bacows’s presence at the meeting. A continental breakfast will be served.

A new e-mail address has been created for RSIT. Please feel free to send any questions/information to rsit@mit.edu


2002 Housing Lottery

Benedict asked Bernard for a report on 2002 Lottery status.

• Bernard is working with IT Staff through components of new pilot process

where students receive their temporary assignments from their homes as early as

July, 2001

• Bernard and the IT Staff are designing a new lottery system where freshmen have the option of rank listing their preferences from their homes, prior to their arrival on campus. The kerberos/e-mail address will be included in the A60 Admissions package. Bernard is coordinating this with Young and the IT Staff. Also included in this package, will be a questionnaire comprised of 25 questions that will help the Room Assignment Chairs to make roommate matches.

Robert raised the question of how equipped the freshman will be at grasping the complex MIT IT system? Vigash and Bernard reported several versions of the system are currently being tested in order to simplify the process. Benedict requested clarification that freshmen can, in fact, choose to wait until they arrive on campus to make their housing selections, and Bernard reiterated that this is merely a pilot system, hence optional. However, should it be successful, it will serve as the model for the housing lottery process next year.

The on campus undergraduate housing selection process will take place between 8/26-8/28, and the 2002 undergraduate housing lottery is slated to run on 8/29. The freshmen will move in to their permanent housing assignments on Thursday, 8/30.

As a final note on the 2002 housing lottery, Bernard expressed his thanks for all of the hard work

and support of the DSL Information Technology Staff. Were it not for their expertise and dedication, these new possibilities would not exist.


Residence Orientation/Rush, 2002

• A proposal was submitted to the RSIT Team by Roberts to begin conversations on the 2002 Residence Orientation."

Discussions took place regarding Robert’s proposal and the concerns raised. It is the sense of Roberts that should rush cease to exist, the freshman will stand to lose all of the benefits that rush provides, particularly in the area of residence selection. Roberts inquired whether the Residence Midway would go on? Young confirmed that the Midway is scheduled to proceed, with no plans of being canceled. Roberts made the suggestion that perhaps a full rush is not appropriate, but proposed that "open houses" be scheduled for the freshman, in addition to a range of programs in order to profile the multi faceted culture of MIT. Roberts also requested that further discussions happen between the students and the MIT Administration regarding this issue, and that all "pros and cons" be weighed before the decision process.

Sawicki expressed concerns regarding such a system, particularly in the area of equal emphasis being provided to both Residence Hall and FSILG living. Roberts maintained that the proposed new design would be impartial and broad-based. Sawicki pointed out that the particular area of the Chancellors report under discussion was targeted at "unhappy people," and not the general student population. Instead, Sawicki suggested that other programs be developed and built in, hosting such themes as room mate issues, or support for students leaving their parents for the first time, etc. Roberts maintained his desire to see further discussions happen.

Stewart challenged the group to let go of the way things have been done in order to develop

the best possible vision. Benedict discussed his sense from the Chancellor, that the RSIT

group should not just rely on a residence orientation, but should also work on improving information received prior to the first lottery. Benedict went on to inquire into the feasibility in holding "open houses" during Campus Preview Weekend, adding that those experiences could be "refreshed" in the minds of the freshmen as they view the video included in the A60 package.

Gresh suggested discussing all of the good elements of the traditional design of orientation, aside from rush and to review the base objectives of orientation, explaining that "we are trying to fit old pieces into a new puzzle, and getting lost in the specifics."

Young offered that there would be much more time for an orientation restructure next year. Benedict expressed his pleasure in having this discussion, and that the "big picture" is coming into view. Stewart suggested more faculty involvement in orientation, and Young suggested breaking up 1,000 students into five groups, and to rotate these groups of 200 through a series of lectures, so that the faculty would be addressing student groups of 40, in lieu of 1,000. The RSIT team was in favor of both ideas and will have further discussions to design a system where the faculty will be have increased involvement with smaller groups of freshmen.

The RSIT team agreed that further discussion would happen regarding the changing face of Orientation.

Panhel representatives, Grochow and Wang submitted a final report to Benedict on rush, adding that a meeting will be held on May 9 to discuss the process further. Benedict requested that the IFC submit a similar report, weighing their vision of the "pros and cons."

Benedict noted that he will be meeting with the Chancellor the week of 5/7 to further discuss rush, and asked Gresh to compile reports from RSIT team members to be brought to this meeting

for the Chancellors consideration. Gresh asked that all reports be submitted to him electronically.

Benedict adjourned the meeting at 5:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Administrative Assistant

Residential Life and Student

Life Programs Office

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