Residence System Implementation Team (RSIT)
Tuesday, November 13 @ 4:00 p.mm-5: 00 pm in PDR—3

Attendees: Julie Norman, Liz Young, Sara Pierce, Josh Yardley, Denise Vallay , Ellen M. Essigmann, Matt Cain, Grace Kessenich, Katie O’Dair, Howie Kleinwaks, Jeff Roberts, Kate Baxter, Chandra Mincher, David Rogers, Larry M. Benedict, Barbara Baker, Rick Gresh, Tony Gray, Fran Miles

The meeting was opened at 4:00 by Barbara Baker who thanked everyone for their time and efforts. She commented on how the group represents an assimilation of different viewpoints. She stressed that we are moving on time and are on target in pulling things together by the end of this semester and we will look to next semester to make things happen.

Looking ahead:

Status of Simmons Dorm:

Goals for this meeting:

General Updates (Rick Gresh):

Financial Transition Proposal:

Visit website: http://web.mit.edu/dormcon/www/rsit/Financial_Transition_Prop.html

Josh goes over guidelines that were used as a basis for the proposal

Expectations of FSILG’s is that chapters should not sit back and take MIT’s money and should maximize in house residency (see page 4 Financial Transition Report).


Issue at hand is whether houses will get 80% or 100% reimbursement. There are pros and cons to each one

Josh Yardley: Houses will not sit back and say that we do not need a good rush. We want to help houses as the transition will hurt houses financially–we do not want to punish houses that do not do well.

David Rogers: Collection of financial data from each house is crucial so that we have full picture. Information will then go to Larry Benedict for review and discussion. DSL will submit budget. No data = no money. Larry congratulates FSILGs on good work so far

F.R.O.S.H. Report:

Visit website: http://web.mit.edu/dormcon/www/rsit/FROSH-report.html

Denise Vallay: FROSH Report– There have been changes in name and in terminology. Glossary is in place to help with definitions. The are three sub committees who meet each Friday.

Discussion of lottery algorithms


Communication with MIT community:

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