Residence System Implementation Meeting

October 10, 2001 Meeting Minutes


REMINDERS: Next Meeting is November 13 from 4-5 in PDR 3. All subcommittees and subgroups are expected to submit final development plans to Rick Gresh by November 9 so that this information can be compiled for the next RSIT meeting. After November 13, RSIT needs to fully move from planning to implementation.

Present: Grace Kessenich, Howie Kleinwaks, Barbara Baker, Julie Norman, Ricky Gresh, Matt Cain, Jeff Roberts, Andres Siwiki, Tony Gray, Katie O’Dair, Kate Baxter, David Rogers, Denise Vallay, Vikash Gilja, Elizabeth Young, and Josh Yardley.

RSIT congratulated Josh Yardley for his election as the IFC’s 2002 Recruitment Chair and welcomed him to RSIT. The group also thanked Andres for all his work over the past year.

Barbara invited RSIT to send her agenda items prior to each meeting.

Residence Exploration Subgroup Update

Katie and Tony reported on the work of the subgroup to resolve issues related to Residence Exploration during Orientation week. The group was able to make progress, though Julie and Larry have not yet been able to discuss the proposal.

The group proposed that Monday night, after the Welcome Dinner, a Residence Midway be schedule during the dessert in the Student Center. Tuesday night would be a large campus event cosponsored by Residence Halls and FSILGs. Wednesday night would be individual parties in Residence Halls with a focus on welcoming current residents and those interested in getting to know more about the community. The subgroup also proposed a Tuesday afternoon lunch sponsored by students; however, Julie communicated this was unlikely due to the tight scheduling of the day periods of Orientation.

Schedule Subgroup Update

Rick Gresh reported on the draft timeline developed by the schedule subgroup consisting of Denise, Rick, Dan Chapman (for Liz Young), and Becca Grochow, in addition to Admissions and a Room Assignment Chair.

The draft timeline is attached. The schedule was discussed. Vikash communicated that more time should be given to the residences to produce their information as his group doesn’t require as much time as was put into the draft. Rick suggested that we can always take things after the deadline; but an earlier deadline may save last minute scrambling. In addition we intend to send the CD with the Orientation mailing — last year the schedule was too tight and a separate mailing had to be sent. The group indicated a desire to try to get information out sooner than early December to give houses even more time to plan. The need to present to Housemasters was also discussed.

FSILG Transition Financial Support Update

A subcommittee has been developed and is on target for submitting its next to final draft at the next RSIT meeting; some additional community feedback may be incorporated into a final draft to be submitted to the Institute during the DSL FY 2003 budget request in early December.

Residence Selection Update

Out of the scheduling report, it was determined that the Residence Selection subcommittee has three primary areas of focus: (1) the assignment process itself, (2) residence information/publications, (3) residence exploration planning. The Residence Selection subcommittee will meet later this week to determine if it will create subgroups to address these individual topics and then populate the groups — with a focus of getting new and younger students involved.

Rick and Vikash updated RSIT on funding issues related to Microsoft support of the I3 project. Rick is confident a solution can be reached after having talked to the Microsoft project office, but needs additional information. Vikash, Rick and Denise scheduled to meet this coming Friday. RSIT affirmed that I3 should move forward as if funding will be found; this is a priority and if Microsoft cannot provide all the funding, DSL/RLSLP will find a way to identify sufficient funds.

Ellen, Matt, and Rick committed to working with Denise to develop a plan related to the Theme Houses. A meeting to plan next steps will be held.

Information Sharing — Campus Communication Discussion

Issues related to getting information out to the broader community about RSIT’s work was discussed. It was the sense of student representatives that the general student body is not aware of the work of RSIT, though some targeted groups have been. Andres discussed the broad FSILG community input into his plan.

The possibility of open forums was discussed. Are these effective or are more targeted forums more helpful? For example, the schedule proposed at this meeting incorporates communicating to residences about what needs to be done.

Website, e-mailing minutes, and other possibilities were discussed. Concerns were raised that effective presentation of ideas is important; information on its own is not always helpful.

It was discussed how it was the administration’s assumption that by bringing the key leaders within UA, IFC, Panhel, and DormCon onto RSIT, that communication to the student body would be addressed by those organizations. Student representatives of RSIT, particularly CHO, were asked to develop a proposal for an effective RSIT communication plan, in addition to identifying a student webmaster for RSIT.

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