Residence System Implementation Team (RSIT)
Thursday, October 24, 20024:30 - 5:30 p.m. in PDR - 3

Attendees: Barbara Baker, Chandra Mincher, Dan Chapman, David Rogers, Denise Vallay, Fran Miles, Grace Kessenich, Julie Norman, Katie O'Dair, Rick Gresh, , Fahad Fajani, Josh Yardley, Sanghamitra Sen, Ross Benson, Emily Marcus, Sherri Davidoff, Nikki Johnson

Barbara Baker opened the meeting at 4:30 p.m. and thanked everyone for their time and efforts and asked they each person identify themselves and tell everyone their role as it relates to RSIT or professional responsibilities.

Agenda was distributed.

Barbara Baker - Associate Dean, Student Life Programs (SLP); Chairperson RSIT
Chandra Mincher- RLA
Dan Chapman- Staff Associate, Freshman Programs
David Rogers- Assistant Dean, FSILGs
Denise Vallay- Assistant Director, Undergraduate Housing
Fran Miles- Assistant to the Director SLP
Grace Kessenich- DormCon President
Julie Norman- Associate Dean, Academic Resources & Programming
Katie O'Dair- Assistant Dean, Residential Life Programs
Rick Gresh - Assistant Director, SLP
Sangamitra Sen - CHO Co-Chair
Fahad Kajani- Orientation Coordinator-
Nikki Johnson- Orientation Coordinator, Member CHO
Ross Benson-DormCon JudComm Chair
Emily Marcus Outgoing rush chir ILG
Josh Yardley Outgoing FSILG Rush Chair

Not present: Ellen Essigmann, Sara Pierce, Elizabeth Young, Tony Gray, Emily Cofer

I Review of RSIT Role and Responsibilities - Fall Term 2002

Purpose of our work this fall: As far as the work of this committee—our work will be ending at the end of the fall term.It's fine if another group wants to pick up where we left off. RSIT itself is finished with its work when we complete our assessments and put forth our report.This recommendations and the analysis of the assessment will be prepared for Bob Randolph and Bob Redwine who initially charged the group.

II Assessment Plan Recap and Overview

We will focus today on the assessment piece and share some thoughts on how it is going and hear some words of wisdom.Individuals who were not at the last meeting will access the rsit webpage and view the assessment materials

III Update on Dorm Meetings/Interviews

We will discuss the House Team Interview Feedback Meetings to see how things went and look at suggestions for the future.We will share the notes on those that have already occurred.

Bexley and Next/ Grace Kessenich:

Bexley: Did Bexley things. Spoke with desk worker who checked everyone in and out.Also interviewed a freshman who shared his experience with us.There were some issues that they
spoke of. Bexley appreciated the opportunity to talk.

Next:Had few roommate problems and there were no triples this year.There was a problem with a broken door to the entry way.

Came away with a lot of good information.

Rick Gresh stated that the challenge will now be how to integrate all of this information and bring it to the group in a useful way.

East Campus/Barbara Baker:
We met with two housemasters, house manager and three students.Although there were not enough students at the meeting the ones that were there wore many hats so the information that they provided was good.We had a good conversation on what went well.One of the students was at the desk and got first hand information.We went through all of the specific categories and found that one hour was not nearly enough time.One and a half hours would have worked better.When looking at the process one hour was not enough time.We originally recommended two hours with the assumption that we would not use all of the two hours.Overall,we got good information.

Having the desk captain and a freshman there was useful (Bexley).The conversations were profitable. We followed the outline to some extent but went in the order of logic and stayed on track.Having the outline was good helped us to stay on track. Bexley took one hour and forty five minutes and Next House took one and a half hours.In the end, Bexley appreciated the opportunity to talk.

Barbara asked if everyone has scheduled their group meetings and was told that every house has been contacted.Problem is that scheduling everyone is a nightmare with all the different schedules.Original goal was to have finished the interviews by today. We will now try to do as many as possible in the next two weeks.It's important that we finish this, the sooner the better, as this will be an important part of the gathered information that we want to share.It is important that whoever does the notes—the whole team integrates the notes into one package.

Rick stated thatwe will send the information back to the House Teamfor their comments and for them tomake any adjustments.Once that is done, the report should be sent back to Rick. Rick hopes to send out one set of notes for all of us to look at.
Barbara thanked all for their work.

IV Planning for the First Year Student Survey

This is another form of getting information.Rick had a meeting with Ellen, David, Grace, Liz during which they put together an outline for what we might want to survey the Freshman about.

It is important that we get the information soon as we are on a tight timeline and do not have a lot of time.Rick has been asking people for specific questions ---- are there rumors or issueswith regard to the freshman orwhat is that you want to find out from the freshman class??

Third page provided by Academic Resource Center relating to advisingand academic performance of students.With regard to advising and academic issues there are things that Liz wants to ask—are there issues/questions that people want to know about.We need to come up with questions.There is the possibility that we will do different two surveys to find out what people want to know more about. On Tuesday, Liz and I will met and discuss questions for the survey.

Request for RSIT members to pose questions:
How are your academics if you ask if they are doing fine they will say yes.Some students do not perceive themselves as failing. We will ask specific questions. e.g. did you get a fifth week flag?
How long did your parents stay during orientation?We will try to breakdown parental influence on the summer/move-in week. Question students on how long did their parents stay.We also have to address "over surveying" the freshmen. Olivia is doing a fifteen-page survey and we would want to look at her survey.
In the area of housing choice there were some students who were not allowed to leave….they got in but could not get out.
Have something on in-house rushes
Was the pace of orientation too busy? Do you wish that you had more time to yourself?
Did you want more downtime in general?Did they have the opportunity to squat? Where did they first hear about FSILGs? There could be a question concerning student perceptions of FSILGs although it would be a hard question to ask.It would help in the evaluating participation.
Questions on lottery/survey: Is there anything that you want to know more about that was in that presentation
What was most helpful to you? Were certain sources of information more helpful to you?
Can we ask the upper classmen how these freshmen fit in as compared to other freshmen?
This question was asked at Bexley

There is the concern that people got too much information and could not process it all.

With regard to conducting the survey—should it be web based or paper and pencil.We have to do something that will provide us the maximum response.

If we do not survey everyone we should do 450 of the freshmen.

We need distribution that gets numbers from every building.

How do we get the surveys to the students?

Can get survey to people that you want

Ideally have 250 fill it out.
We can do a spotlight on MIT homepage. The idea of random sample is a good idea.

Wecan go to the student center and set up a few computers or we can email everyone. Another idea is to go to dorm lobbies to hand it out.

We should do survey in the next three weeks.

V Review of plans for FSILG assessment

Josh Yardley stated that the final debrief meeting was Monday evening There is a Sloan team doing a project on FSILGs.Some houses did well on Rush while others did not.We would like to give houses information on how to do it better.

Dive deep into one group - how generalizable is this information?

The numbers that we now have are not final as we still have houses with open bids.

For houses that missed the mark spring rush should increase their numbers.

295 is the number of new members that we have this semester. Last year we initiated 300.

Sororities do not have a cap.75% of members live on campus.

How many actually move into FSILGs—We should ask where you plan on living next year?

Some houses may have space for all.

VI Next Steps

We have to think about report preparation.

Proposal was approved to use the six key points from the Bacow report in organizing the report plus details on FSILGs (using their report) and administrative coordination issues.

Next meeting -
We should have good completion rate on house team meetings and we will look at debriefs.

November meeting date could be early morning meeting. Fran Miles will coordinate and advise on date.

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