Residence System Implementation Meeting
September 18, 2001 Meeting Minutes

Next Steps Reminders


Present: Barbara Baker, Matt Cain, Elizabeth Young, Katie O’Dair, Denise Vallay, Chandra Mincher, Kate Baxter, Andres Sawiki, Larry Benedict, Grace Kessenich, Jeff Roberts, Ellen Essigmann, David Rogers, Ricky Gresh, Karen Nilsson, Vikash Gilja, and Julie Norman.

Barbara Baker opened the meeting, introducing herself as the new chair. Deadlines are fast approaching; RSIT needs to move towards finalizing implementation plans. Committees were asked to prepare a report on current progress.

Orientation Subcommittee Update (see attached)

Orientation updated everyone on its current planning process. Through its update, a few additional notes were made. Orientation has set November 1 as its deadline for determining the dates of the main events of Orientation 2002. Highlighted that parents orientation has been moved to the first weekend of Orientation. Added some stakeholders: Registrar, Advance Standing Exams, and Learning Communities. Added some concerns: mailings and House Managers/check-in.

Regarding the current draft schedule, Orientation will kick-off on 8/25. From Monday-Friday (the main Orientation time period), the days will generally be structured with the testing and academic explorations in the morning, programmatic topics in the afternoon, and getting to know the community in the evening.

The issue of residence exploration/orientation was discussed. Andres raised concerns of Dorms doing "recruitment." The need to communicate effective information to pre-frosh prior to arrival, and not rely solely on Orientation week was raised. Katie O’Dair agreed to facilitate a meeting to draft plans for residence exploration with representatives from the FSILGs and Residence Halls. The group must submit a plan for Julie Norman and Larry Benedict to approve. If agreement cannot be made, Julie and Larry will make the decision.

Residence Selection Subcommittee Update (see attached)

Subcommittee reviewed its attached report. Theme Houses were added to the list of Larger Issues/Needs. Discussion was had regarding resolving Theme House issues and the idea of adding a Theme House member to RSIT was mentioned. It was also resolved to add Grace’s CHO co-chair, Howie, to RSIT.

FILG Recruitment Subcommittee Update

At the June 2001 meeting, it was agreed that a meeting would be held to determine the dates of FILG recruitment during the Fall of 2002. At that meeting a compromised was reached between the original Bacow report and the revision submitted by the IFC 2002 Transition Committee. Recruitment will begin on September 20, with bidding/pledging beginning on October 4.

Ongoing planning is awaiting the election of the IFC 2002 Recruitment Chair; election is scheduled for two weeks from now. Guidelines regarding rules will be handled by that individual and the next IFC. Discussion was held related to event ideas and how Dorms/FILGs can co-exist during FILG recruitment.

Panhellenic Recruitment Subcommittee Update

Sororities will not be recruiting at the same time as FILGs. Panhellenic Recruitment will be held from January 31, 2003 to February 9, 2003, with a focus on recruitment activities during the weekends. In a few weeks, Panhel will be electing its 2003 Recruitment Chair and its head Rho-Chi

FSILG Transition Financial Support Update

Transition effort support is underway. Kate Baxter has been organizing a leadership series to support transition planning. Planning for this part of RSIT did not progress during last year; David will be organizing a process to develop a final report by mid-November for submission to RSIT and the Division of Student Life FY2003 budget cycle. A subcommittee will be developed with representation for the Living Group Council, IFC, Panhel, and AILG (Alumni).

First-Year Experience Reminder

Barbara reminded the group to, through the various planning processes, keep the goal of an effective first-year experience in the forefront; this may help us to think out of the box. Orientation had submitted a draft mission and set of goals that will guide future planning of Orientation (see attached). This document may be helpful as we think about how to continue the goals of the Orientation experience throughout the first-year.

The Undergraduate Association Committee on Housing and Orientation (CHO) announced it was taking a new focus on broader issues. They have scheduled a freshmen forum on Orientation. It was mentioned that perhaps the issues of Housing and Orientation are becoming two more distinct issues, though both key components of the first-year experience.

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