Residence System Implementation Team (RSIT)

September 18, 2001 Meeting Preparation

Project Group Name (please circle):

Orientation 2002

Panhellenic Recruitment

FILG Recruitment

FSILG Transitional Financial Support

Residence Selection (Lottery, I3, Dorm Orientation)

List the Current Members of the Project Group:





Project Group Scope - (What is the scope of the group's efforts? What areas surrounding the changes in 2002 is the group addressing? What are the different components of the group's overall project?)





Project Group Vision - (At this point, what does your group imagine will happen in 2002? Please try to describe it the best you can. Please also include decisions to be made where there are differing views in your group. Please be sure to consider the 6 principles discussed by the Chancellor and recorded in the June 6 meeting minutes.)





Stakeholders - (Who are the stakeholders in the project? Who will be affected by the decisions that the group makes (groups of people, departments, etc.)?. Please "*" any that you would describe as having been a significant part of your group's process to date.)





Short-term Priorities - (What are the project group's Fall term priorities? It may help to think of what you plan to accomplish/produce by January 1, 2002.)





Larger Issues/Needs - (Are there issues that have come up in your group process that are broader than your group that you would like to raise to the larger RSIT? Are there major roadblocks that you need greater support to resolve? Are there things you need from RSIT, RLSLP, etc. in order to be successful?)