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DormCon maintains a budget in order to help fund events in the dorm community and for operational expenses. We are committed to keeping extraneous costs low in order to maximize the amount of money available for events that enhance the residential experience. To ensure transparency, this document reflects specific budget allocations and expenditures throughout the term.

Funding Guidelines

DormCon is committed to supporting events in the dorm community through funding and advisory roles. Recently, new funding guidelines were adopted; if you plan to apply for event funding, you must read these guidelines. Some important facts are noted below:
  • If possible, event applications should be submitted by the second DormCon meeting of the term (for Fall 2013, this will be the October 10th meeting). Up to 50% of event funds may be distributed at this time, with the remainder available for applications on a rolling basis.

  • The online application must be filled out for any events and a representative from the group will be contacted to attend a DormCon meeting as needed. Rolling events must be submitted three weeks prior to the event in order to allow sufficient time for DormCon review and potential approval.

  • No event will be funded beyond 50% of its total event budget.

  • Events must be classified into one of four categories; in general, preference will be given to events which are advertised to the entire dorm community and subsequently to those which are sponsored by multiple dorms. Events sponsored by (non-dorm) student groups are not eligible for funding.
To apply for event funding, please fill out our application.


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