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The Dormitory Council (DormCon) is MIT's student governing body that represents all undergraduate dormitory residents. The Judicial Committee (JudComm) serves as a resource for individuals wishing to file a formal complaint or informal grievance against a dormitory, group from a dormitory, or resident of a dormitory.

From the DormCon Constitution:

The DormCon Judicial Committee, hereafter referred to as DormCon JudComm, shall be a standing committee of DormCon. DormCon JudComm shall mediate and adjudicate all disputes which come before it. The membership, rules, and procedures of DormCon JudComm may be found in the Dormitory Council Judicial Committee Code, which shall be considered an extension of this Constitution and which shall be subject to the same rules and procedures for amendment and ratification as this [DormCon] Constitution.


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