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preparing for a hearing



Filing the complaint is all you need to do to prepare for a hearing. As a matter of fairness, please remember that all evidence which you plan to introduce as well as the names of any witnesses you plan to call must be disclosed in the complaint. The respondent and hearing panelists will receive an advance copy of the complaint in order to prepare themselves for the hearing.



The respondent will receive a copy of the complaint, including all evidence the complainant will present, and the names of all witnesses the complainant plans to call. 

The respondent is entitled and encouraged to select an advisor, called an MIT Associate, to help him/her prepare the best possible defense. The Associate attends the hearing but does not represent the student and may speak only with the permission of the Chair. Associates must be current members of the MIT community, but not an attorneys, or family members. Typically the Associate is a person who does not have direct involvement in the matter in question. Typical choices include Advisors, Housemasters and GRTs.

The respondent is entitled and strongly encouraged to submit a written response to the complaint before the hearing and to attend the hearing, both to question the complainant (and complainantís witnesses) and to offer his/her own statement and witnesses. If, however, the respondent declines to answer or to appear, the Hearing Panel may and usually will proceed to decide the case in the respondent's absence.

MIT policy absolutely prohibits any reprisal or retaliation against a person bringing a complaint.  Reprisal may be grounds for serious action. You would be wise to control your behavior to eliminate any possible claim of reprisal.


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