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Orientation and REX

Expectations for dorm residents:

In creating these ground rules for Orientation and REX 2004 (Residence Exploration) it is the intention of DormCon to establish a safe and comfortable environment in which to introduce First Year students to the MIT community and residential housing system.

These ground rules are important as they help to foster a positive relationship between first year students and upperclassmen, between dormitories, and between students and the MIT Administration.

  1. BE NICE: Be welcoming of the first years, treat them respectfully as we introduce them to life at MIT. Treat IFC members with respect; they are here to help us out.
  2. PLAY FAIR: We want to encourage first years to explore the dormitories and find the place that is best for them. Speak positively about your dorm, do not bad-mouth other dorms.
  3. STAY SAFE: Please use common sense when planning events and activities. Engaging in dangerous behavior reflects poorly upon you and your living group. No first year student wants to begin his or her college career with an accident.
  4. NO ALCOHOL: First year students are underage! Do not consume or be in possession of alcohol unless you are in your own private room and no one underage is present. All MIT rules governing the use of alcohol are still in effect!

Violations of the above rules should be reported to DormCon JudComm.

Expectations for IFC members (from the IFC Website):

  1. The Orientation period runs from 3:00 am August 29, 2004 until the beginning of Recruitment at the Kickoff Event.
  2. Orientation is dry and no alcohol or containers may be present on the premises of any fraternity house or living area of a Fraternity member2.
  3. No freshmen are allowed in any fraternity house during this period.  Any fraternity found in violation of this rule will, for the first offense, automatically forfeit the opportunity to have jaunts on the first Monday of Recruitment, September 6, 2004 and be fined $500.  For the second offense a fraternity shall have its bid acceptance day moved to the last day of Recruitment, September 17, 2004, and be fined $1,000.
  4. No person associated with a fraternity may wear fraternity letters. (Except during specified times designated by the Recruitment Chairman.)
  5. No person associated with a fraternity may discuss his/her fraternity with any freshman. (Except during specified times designated by the Recruitment Chairman.)
  6. No fraternity may have any events open to non-members.  Meetings to discuss Recruitment with non-members (Recruitment helpers, friends of the house, etc.) are allowed.
  7. No fraternity members are allowed in the dormitories unless they live there or are working for the Orientation program. Orientation workers and volunteers will undoubtedly have more exposure to freshmen during Orientation. It is to our benefit to have as many volunteers and workers as possible but with these advantages (which can sometimes be unequally distributed) comes the responsibility to not take advantage of the Orientation Program or the Recruitment Rules.  The Recruitment Chairman will explicitly discuss with all the affiliated workers what his expectations are of them during Orientation as well as what their obligations are to both the Orientation Program and the Interfraternity Council.
  8. Members living in dormitories are not allowed to provide freshmen with alcohol or provide alcohol to any location at which freshmen are present including dormitory parties.
  9. No fraternity members may host events in the dormitories.
  10. No more than two members of any single fraternity may be gathered in a dormitory room.

Moving day (Sunday, September 5th): Rules for interaction with IFC members:

  1. All rules of the IFC rush will be enforced, especially the prohibitions on wearing the letters of or mentioning individual houses. Fraternity members should conduct themselves as if they are in another fraternity's house.
  2. All fraternity members will work in teams, consisting of one dorm resident and one fraternity member when possible, or two residents of different fraternities where not.
  3. Speaking to first years about the IFC as a whole or fraternities in general will be limited to mentioning the kickoff to take place that day.
  4. Any complaints should be directed to the IFC and dorm move coordinators. The coordinators should keep a list of complainants and complaints and submit that list to dormcon-exec and any other interested parties.
  5. The desk captain has final say regarding any issues regarding the use of the dorm desk.
  6. Each dormitory shall designate an area for IFC movers to congregate when taking breaks.
  7. All fraternity members will wear shirts clearly marking them as IFC movers, and badges with their names.
  8. Only movers registered ahead of time with the coordinators and signed in at the dorm desk are allowed inside the dorm.
  9. Failing to wear an IFC shirt or nametag, mentioning individual fraternities, bringing alcohol to the dorm, vandalism or badmouthing the dorm will result in immediate expulsion at the discretion of the coordinators and possible sanctions by IFC/DormCon JudComms.


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