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meeting minutes

Spring 2021

February 25th (PDF)

Fall 2020

September 10th (PDF)
September 24th (PDF)

Meeting minutes from 2017 to 2020

Fall 2017

September 14, New House (PDF)
September 28th, Next House (PDF)
October 12th, Random Hall (PDF)
October 26th, Baker House (PDF)
November 9th, Simmons Hall (PDF)
November 30th, Burton Conner (PDF)
December 14th, East Campus (PDF)

Spring 2017

February 16, Baker House (PDF)
March 9, Burton Conner (PDF)
March 23, East Campus (PDF)
April 13, MacGregor House (PDF)
April 27, Maseeh Hall (PDF)
May 11, McCormick Hall (PDF)

Fall 2016

September 8, Maseeh Hall (PDF)
September 22, McCormick Hall (PDF)
September 29, New House (PDF)
October 13, Next House (PDF)
November 3, Senior House (PDF)
November 10, Random Hall (PDF)
December 1, Simmons Hall (PDF)

Spring 2016

February 4, Random Hall (PDF)
February 18, Senior Haus (PDF)
March 3, Simmons Hall (PDF)
March 17, Baker House (PDF)
March 31, Burton Conner (PDF)
April 14, East Campus (PDF)
May 5, MacGregor House (PDF)

Fall 2015

September 10, Burton-Conner (PDF)
October 8, MacGregor (PDF)
October 22, McCormick (PDF)
November 5, Maseeh (PDF)
November 19, New House (PDF)
December 3, Next House (PDF)

Spring 2015

February 12, McCormick Hall (PDF)
February 26 New House (PDF)
March 12, Senior Haus (PDF)
April 3, Random Hall (PDF)
April 9, Next House (PDF)
April 30, Simmons Hall (PDF)
May 14, Baker House (PDF)

Fall 2014

December 4, MacGregor (PDF)
November 20, Burton Conner (PDF)
November 6, East Campus (PDF)
October 23, Baker House (PDF)
October 10, Senior Haus (PDF)
September 25, Simmons Hall (PDF)
September 11, Random Hall (PDF)

Spring 2014

May 15, Next House (PDF)
May 1, New House (PDF)
April 17, McCormick (PDF)
April 3, MacGregor (PDF)
March 20, East Campus (PDF)
March 13, Burton-Conner (PDF)
February 27, Senior Haus (PDF)
February 13, Simmons Hall (PDF)

Fall 2013

December 12, Baker House (PDF)
November 21, Simmons Hall (PDF)
November 7, Random Hall (PDF)
October 24, Next House (PDF)
October 10, New House (PDF)
September 26, McCormick (PDF)
September 12, MacGregor (PDF)

Spring 2013

May 16, East Campus (PDF)
May 2, Burton-Conner (PDF)
April 18, Baker (PDF)
April 4, Simmons Hall (PDF)
March 14, Senior Haus (PDF)
February 28, Random Hall (PDF)
February 14, Next House (PDF)

Fall 2012

December 6, New House(PDF)
November 8, MacGregor(PDF)
October 25, Maseeh(PDF)
October 11, East Campus(PDF)
September 27, Burton-Conner(PDF)
September 13, Baker House(PDF)

Spring 2012

February 9th(PDF)
February 23rd(PDF)
March 8th(PDF)
March 22nd(PDF)
April 12th(PDF)
April 26th(PDF)
May 10th(PDF)

Fall 2011

September 15th(PDF)
September 29th(PDF)
October 20th(PDF)
November 3rd(PDF)
November 11th(PDF)
December 1st(PDF)

Spring 2011

February 3rd (PDF)
February 9th (PDF)
February 17th (PDF)
March 3rd (PDF)
March 17th (PDF)
March 31st (PDF)
April 3rd (PDF)
April 14th (PDF)
April 28th (PDF)
May 12th (PDF)

Fall 2010

December 9th (PDF)
November 23rd (PDF)
November 10th (PDF)
October 28th (PDF)
October 14th (PDF)

Spring 2009

May 11th (txt)
March 30th, Next House (txt)
February 12th (txt)

Fall 2008

November 13th, Baker House (txt)
October 30th, MacGregor House (txt)
October 16th, Baker House (txt)
October 2nd, Burton-Conner (txt)
August 15th, Next House (txt)

Spring 2008

February 27th, Burton Conner (PDF)
February 13th, East Campus (PDF)

Fall 2007

December 4th, New House(PDF)
November 20th, Baker House (PDF)
November 6th, MacGregor Hall (PDF)
October 23rd, Simmons Hall (PDF)
October 9th, Random Hall (PDF)
September 25th, Burton Conner (PDF)
September 12th, East Campus (PDF)

Spring 2007
May 14, Baker House (PDF)
April 30, East Campus (PDF)
April 18, McCormick Hall (PDF)
April 04, New House (PDF)
March 12, Burton-Conner (PDF)
February 26, Simmons Hall (PDF)
February 13, Random Hall (PDF)

Fall 2006
December 13, Simmons Hall (PDF)
November 29, MacGregor House (PDF)
November 15, McCormick Hall (PDF)
November 01, Next House (PDF)
October 18, Burton-Conner (PDF)
September 27, Senior Haus (PDF)
September 13, East Campus (PDF)

Spring 2006
May 17, McCormick Hall
May 03, Baker House
April 18, Simmons Hall
April 05, East Campus
March 15, Random Hall
March 01, Burton-Conner
February 13, New House

Fall 2005
December 12, Burton-Conner
November 28, Pritchett Dining
November 14, East Campus
October 24, Next House
October 11, Random Hall
September 26, Simmons Hall
September 14

Spring 2005
May 4, McCormick Hall (PDF)
April 20, MacGregor House (PDF)
April 06, Senior Haus (PDF)
March 9, Next House (PDF)
March 2, East Campus (PDF)
February 16, Burton-Conner (PDF)
February 3, Simmons Hall (PDF)

Fall 2004
December 2, Simmons Hall (PDF)
November 18, Simmons Hall (PDF)
November 4, East Campus (PDF)
October 21, New House (PDF)
October 7, Next House (PDF)
September 16, Simmons Hall (PDF)

Spring 2004
May 6, Random Hall (PDF)
April 22, New House
April 8, East Campus
March 18, Next House
March 4, Baker House
February 19, East Campus
February 5, MacGregor House

Fall 2003
October 23, Random Hall
November 6, Simmons Hall
October 16, Next House
September 25, McCormick Hall
September 4, East Campus

Spring 2003
May 1, 2003, East Campus
March 20, 2003, Random Hall
February 20, 2003, McCormick Hall

Fall 2002
November 7, East Campus
October 17, McCormick Hall

Summer 2002
July 3, Senior Haus


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