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meeting minutes

Meeting of the Dormitory Council
7/3/2002, 6:00 PM
Senior Haus


I. Rush Updates
II. Freshmen Assignments
III. Contacting Frosh & Lottery #2
IV. Outside Bank Accounts
V. Upcoming Associate Dean for Student Conflict Management and Discipline System
VI. RLA Search

1. Rush Updates
R/O Chair Sherri Davidoff ( gave an overview of what happened during the previous week’s rush chairs meeting. All the info is posted online at: . Also, the rush schedule can be found here: .
Sunday’s scheduled housemaster brunch was discussed. It was unanimously felt that we try and change it to a whole-class, Dormcon kick-off kind of thing. Stay tuned for future news...

2. Freshmen Assignments
Just prior to the meeting, RAC Chair Emily Cofer sent out an e-mail with details on getting the frosh’s temporary assignments. New assignments, including freshmen and transfers, were sent out Friday, July 5th. Survey data was attached, but hard copy can be picked up @ E32. Room assignments are due back to Denise by July 15th, with a welcome statement for the dorm.
Emily is working on getting the usernames of the freshmen so that we can contact them further. Some have left contact info on the survey, but many didn’t.

3. Contacting Frosh & Lottery # 2
It has become very clear that the freshmen don’t understand very well that they still can make a choice in dorms when they arrive at MIT. All freshmen have MIT usernames at this point, so it should be doable to contact them all in advance and let them know what will be happening when they get on campus.
Each dorm will be responsible for contacting its freshmen and informing them about rush. Freshmen should be encouraged to enter the second lottery (in admin-speak: “Orientation Adjustment Lottery”), even if they are squatting the dorm.

4.Outside Bank Accounts
The deadline has passed, but nobody’s quite sure about what is going on right now. At this point, the services offered by MIT is very lacking, including the following:

* No insurance on money (this is what led to oba’s in the first place)
* No contract guaranteeing services, or the safety of our money
* No check writing ability

The dorms continue to feel strongly that OBA’s are necessary to the dorm community, and we will continue to fight to keep the accounts open. In case this fails, however, the MIT system still needs many improvements, and Dormcon will continue to try and get those implemented.

5. Upcoming Associate Dean for Student Conflict Management and Discipline System Interviews for the ADSCMDS have been concluded. Ross Benson, not present, is Dormcon’s representative on the search committee. The job description for this position can be found at:

6. RLA Search
New House/Simmons and EC/Senior/Bexley/Random are getting new RLA’s, and the search is underway. On the core search committee are Tyler Bronder, (“Evil”) Vikash Gilja representing NH/Simmons, and David Lepzelter for the other zone. Preliminary resume screening and phone interviews are completed, and five candidates have been scheduled for on-campus interviews during the next two weeks.
Each of the dorm zones will have ~30 minutes to interview each candidate during their day on campus. Names of volunteers will be collected shortly.
Katie O’Dair, who is in charge of the RLA hiring process, has stressed that if a suitable candidate is not found in this round, the search will go on.

And with that, the meeting ended.

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