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meeting minutes

Meeting of the Dormitory Council
10/17/02, 5:00 PM
McCormick Hall


1. Roll Call

* Houses Represented:
Baker House: yes
Bexley Hall: no
Burton-Conner: no
East Campus: yes
MacGregor: yes
McCormick: yes
New House: yes
Next House: yes
Random Hall: yes
Senior Haus: yes
* Others Present: Larry Benedict, Mira Wilczek, Tony Gray

Larry Benedict

Context: our goals for the coming year, the website, the Taylor report, roles and resp, of Dormcon, Judcomm

Roles and Responsibilties
What about Dormcon and House Govts?
nobody's sure now where Dormcon stands
we should come up with a document like the tutor-role and
housemaster-role documents (see later in the minutes)

Sidney-Pacific: Simmons == good so far
Zeisiger: open now - nice to use

Simmons food is good, Next house dining is good, Pritchett
they're trying to work out so it's optimal
Arrow St. and Alpine Bagels are good - maybe put Alpine in

Graduate students -in the process of computerizing the lottery.
Making housing a little more rationally-priced as well.

Al K. Hall
how do you manage it responsibly?
survey of freshmen to find out about alcohol usage - to identify those who are at risk --> actually reduces abuse of alcohol through BASICS program
no disciplinary cases so far (barring IFC)
if you have a second offense, you get tagged - but no second offenders so far
"more of an educational approach"

Student Life fees being spent
$400000 to groups, other groups got some fundzz, other bits to MURJ
Larry will release stats later

New staff within SLP
new housemasters, GRTs, etc.

Larry surprised by other departments
new DSL website for greater transparency
forms to ask questions - answer within 24 hours.
policy of reviewing updates to the pages on a weekly basis
**try it out! - **
subsumes old RLSLP pages (I think)

Taylor report
written by Halston Taylor about the fitness rooms
the equipment sucks, dorms have small rooms, etc.
Halston created an inventory of what's in each dorm
want to set up a maintenance contractor
big catch-up phase starting now - going to create a list of
what needs to be done/replaced --> it's going to be a high bill
Larry + Halston will come back and discus the bills, decide what to do (next Dormcon)
develop some sort of matching program to take the load off of
house taxes
he wants to have influence over the quality of equipment, not necessarily the specific items

Question about mirrored dance rooms - only place where they exist is
McC, TClub, not likely to change soon

talked to BDSCME (acronym may be incorrect)
self-enforcement works, and it rocks
in our intrerest to have a strong, organized Judcomm
we don't want Judcomm to be a police force
ax-murderers go to Carol O-J - "You don't want me doing that"
Larry wants to see people take charge of their own behavior

Housing Strategy Group
Senior Segue again this year
summer housing
recently graduated seniors have priority
also Wellesley students are given priority
they have issues with ghosts
we have conferences in dorms to get Money to keep the rents down
if you are intierested in these issues, please join HSG - contact Jen Connolly
Cory Lorenz involved, contact him (note: Cory denies this)

Mira Wilczek:

Mira is IFC's new external relations chair
she wants to build relations with dormcon
mwilczek - email for concerns about what's going on in the IFC
perhaps we could organize an all-residences newsletter - with
Panhel as well, Christine Ortiz the contact

Tony Gray:

Tutor roles and responsibilities
** read it - **
a suite of documents
a comprehensive website of fun!
responsive to policy changes, we hope

Putting together a Dormcon R&R document paralleling the tutor-role one?
clearly delineates responsibilities so that Larry and all these
new Deans don't take our power, or blame us
important for defining what you don't do
crucial that there's one for Judcomm
-TASK: Ross is coming up with R&R for Judcomm
need to raise awareness of Judcomm situation

Dormcon: we've got your omnipotence right here!
-TASK: James Harvey will work on dormcon R&R doc
-TASK: Joel will come up with R&R document for individual house

RSIT data collection
housemasters seem to be a little out-of-sync with student interests
YOU: get in touch with them!
what is CPW all about?
Monday and Tuesday events lacked "pow, zip, flash"

we'd like to know who has pledged from where
-TASK: Tony will find that out for us

Petition for dorm Rush - multiday event
it may not happen - it's an extremist view, but we hope that in making this petition carry some weight, we can improve Rush somehow
Dormcon will be ignored unless it is organized

we know that parents don't understand the process - we should
create a packet "Why we do things a little differently"
in general, dorms and dormcon need to get better at communicating with parents & alumni

we're going to survey and collect data to help along our case (or hurt it)
-TASK: on the team: Tony, Grace, Johnny, Tyler,

I3 - Tyler is taking over on an interim basis
YOU: please help us find someone who wants to take it over completely
we want to decentralize the video process
Dormcon to subsidize purchase of dorm cameras, have people
available to help with the editing, someone to help with getting RLSLP
to pay for it
we agree in principle this week - revisit it next time with actual fundzzz

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