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meeting minutes

Meeting of the Dormitory Council
11/7/02, 5:00 PM
East Campus


EMT signup ends tomorrow:
- EMTs in dorms registration likely - because some things are better done with EMTs in dorms. More info upcoming.

VIP cards - we need someone to take over this, write a proposal:
- Maitland takes it over
- writing up: rules and consequences, limits

- new dorm will be built so that EC (or similar dorm) can be renovated en masse
+ha ha! maybe we can kill Random!
- Dormitopia - a class about dorms, we'll see what comes out of that (new dorm designs?)
- Crowding: some people want to increase freshman class size, Larryben is against this, it's stupid (Dormcon agrees - "we are not harvard")

Tyler has a meeting scheduled with the appropriate people about I3 - info to come next Dormcon (esp. about funding)

We have 17247 to spend

meeting food: 500
social events: 2000
publicity: 2000
office: 200
misc: 500
total: 5900
External/Individual dorm allocations
dorm social events: 2500
east-west party fund: 2500
total: 5000
Total allocations: 10900
Leaves us with: 6300+ to play with

Motion to approve budget meets with unanimous approval

First Frost proposal:
- 1500 in reimbursements for first frost buses
- This will come out of dorm allocations, which at 500 per dorm for Simmons, MacGregor, McCormick, covers and caps their individual allocations

Burton-Conner party proposal
- can hold up to 250 people
- Dan + Dan doing the music
- 550 from B-C, they want 1200 from Dormcon
- suggestions to give them all of it
- approved by a vote

Why no one is here:
- Danny Trujillo can't come
- Halston Taylor can't come
- Dean Redwine can't come
- Hopefully they will come next time.

HSG: Housing Strategies Group
- senior segue evaluation commitee - will go around, gathering informtion on:
+ how is the program working, roommate issues, etc.
+ Tyler is the rep for that
- Fun fact: Simmons is the most expensive dorm in the world
- summer:
+ what should priorities be for who gets summer housing?
+ need some sort of method for conflict resolution
+ constructions and renovation
+ "ghosting" - a big problem, or not?
- recommendations:
+ the summer pre-frosh attendees need supervision, need to lay out fully the housing policies
+ housemaster "buddy" program
+ elect a summer Judcomm - Ross will write something up about summer judcomms
+ in order to ease the pain of renovations, dorms will be shut down for the summer -- simmons first (!!)
+ more explicit swaps of housing over the summer -- take someone off the top of the waiting list instead of engineering swaps
+ problem with people occupying doubles and not paying - solution: each dorm either has no one live in their doubles, or ensures that two paying people live in there
* Judcomm will handle particular problems
+ seperation of conferences from the students - very particular to the construction of the dorm, should be handled on a dorm-by-dorm basis
+ 1-2 day buffer of people moving in/out
+ prioritized list of summer residents:
1. current students with academic interests, pre-students
2. students with jobs in area related to their academics
3. department programs
4. students with no jobs, academics
5. wellesley
6. conference services
7. affiliated students
Graduated seniors will be added

Fun fact: Simmons is much harder to reconfigure because it's modular

Alc. and substance-free housing:
- Globe article is incorrect
- Dormcon believes that designating some or all dorms as "substance" free would polarize the issue, divide students, and increase abuse.

The Newsletter:
- should come out Wednesday
- Articles need to be in Sunday/minight, Monday
+ email to and cc: gracek [Note: the email address was wrong so it was changed since originally posted]
- We will distribute to the regular Tech locations, dorm presidents can pick up on their way home
- name suggestions:
House Talk
MIT Monologue
Zephyer: Word on the Wind
- someone should set up a mailing list for submissions

discussion of R&R documents:
- some progress made
- this secretary didn't know what to take notes on

new CP program:
- Al Pierce - opening communications, contact him with complaints, suggestions

- shows the interest students have
- it is not meant to be a justification document

Meeting Minutes

Fall 2001

September 6, Random Hall
September 20, New House
October 2, East Campus
October 18, TBA
November 1, TBA
November 15, TBA
December 6, TBA

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