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meeting minutes

Dormcon Meeting Minutes
2/20/2003 McCormick

Dorms present:

Absent: EC, Bexley, Baker

- Guest Speaker: Steve Graves
Chair of the Faculty
Represents faculty to administration
on committees to give faculty voice (e.g. Academic Council)
oversees faculty committee
chairs policy committee
Role in faculty grievances
Communicates term regs to faculty and students

Q: What is MIT for?
A: Place for top students and faculty to come together
Plays role as leader in research

Q: MIT minority policy in the news. Does faculty have position?
A: Not discussed widely among faculty
Vest convened comm of faculty, Redwine, Clay to address
Mich. decision driven by Vest w/ input from some.

Q: What should student input in decisions be like?
A: I'm a fan, as long as we respect each other.

Q: MIT lacks a uniform code concerning academic honesty. How does
faculty feel?
A: No good answer, many differing views.
My views: we could do a better job defining what's acceptable
Also, define what plagarism is
Establish clearer guidelines

(Questions asking for further elaboration on what's going on re:
academic honesty)
A: The COD reports statistics annually. These reports do not contain
official recommendations, but Dean Redwine is forming a committee to
assess the current situation and make recommendations. An Honor
Code could come out of this, but it's doubtful. This committee
reports to the faculty and the Academic Council.

Q: Are there any faculty issues that students could help with?
A: What is the best way for faculy to play a role in student life?

Q: Is there any debate on the effects of the end of Pass/No Record
A: There will be an assessment of the change.

Q: Any thoughts on Dorm Rush?
A: Served on Potter committee that recommended FoC in early 90's.
Housing choice is a big decision that lasts 4 years, it doesn't
seem reasonable to expect freshmen new to campus to make the decision
right away.

Q: Is there discussion of the increased numbers of freshmen taking
sophomore standing?
A: No
(Discussion among students about whether sophomore standing is
something that anyone should care about.)

Comment by Graves: Of concern to faculty: size of grad program. MIT
is now 60% grad, not long ago it was 60% undergrad.

Q: MIT has looked at limiting the graduate population. HOw does the
faculty feel?
A: Most feel that local units should control it.

Q: What's the best way to get faculty interested in interacting with
A: Personal invitation

Q: Is there a protocol on selecting freshman advisors?
A: It's tough to find people willing. Acknowledgement of some sort is

Q: How does faculty meet?
A: Hard to get quorum (30 of 950). No major issues lately.
Most recent controversies have been P/NR, ROTC, closing course 20,
Vietnam issues.

Q: How much does the faculty associate within schools?
A: Most interaction is by Dept.

Rush Discission:
People explain why they feel rush is good.
Q: Who else should we go to?
A: Paul Agasi (chair CSL)
Paul Gray (Course 6 Prof. & President, Emeritus)
Housemasters. Have housemasters explain to faculty why rush is a
good thing.
(Was surprised that Dean Benedict supports housing choice among


Most dorms are getting cameras
McCormick is waiting until next year.
Senior might, depending on Roast funding

Senior Segue

Do we represent them?
General consensus: amend our constitution to say we don't.


Meetings 1000
Shirts 400
Publicity 200
Rush 3000
CPW 1000
Steer Roast 5000
Burton 3 Party 1750
Total Allocations 12350 (of 30k)

Approved by unanimous vote.

Cultral Houses will ask for party funding at a future meeting.


Program will continue.
McCormick people put in Next. Oops.
Discussion tabled


Discussion tabled

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