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meeting minutes

May 1, 2003
East Campus

Grace K.
Tyler (MacG)
Joel (Random)
Matt (EC)
Mike (New)
Seth (UA)
Ross (Simmons)
Johnny (Next)

Start: 6:10 PM

Next Meeting: May 14 @ 6 @ New

Notes and Updates
+ Barbara Baker Yesterday
+ Larry Benedict Today
+ New Dorm Feasibility Study Begins This Summer (Nikki Johnson):
- EC Renovation
- Random Removal
+ Stata Center
- Student Street, UA, Dormcon, EC & Senior Haus -- what it will look like
- Walker Dining will be shutting down once
Stata opens (becomes a catering kitchen)
- Pritchett will still remain open, student group will still have space
+ Summer Lottery --> Summer Lottery
+ Adjustment Lottery --> Fall Lottery
+ Encourage more Dorm people to apply for Orientation Leaders
+ Dorms should run an Admin Rush a la Random...
--> Back in August, Randomites started cooking communal
dinners on Friday night... began inviting Admins over to
dinner (every other Friday) (12 so far, Larry Benedict most recently,
Dean Redwine next)

Swearing In

I3 Proposal/Recognition
Interactive Introduction to the Institute (I3) recognition of
Vikash Gilja. Now part of a permanent venture between UA, Dormcon
and SLP. Request for up to a $100 for a plaque/bowling trophy. An entire sheet of gold stars.

Senior OK
Random OK
MacGregor OK
New OK
Next OK
Simmons OK
Motion passed.

UA Senator Election Procedure
+ Attend Meetings, Projects
+ Voting on or around Sept. 8
+ DormCon to help publicize
+ More information will be online on and around RegDay
+ Probably some sort of meeting with the UA Open House before RegDay
+ Tyler will send Seth the dorm presidents.

+ Early Returns
- Similar to past years
- A URL will be sent out in a week
- People that want an Early Return for Dorm Rush will fill out their name
- Housing Office will compare online form lists from ASA/DormCon and
only approve people on both lists
- Move back in date is Aug 19
- Have until early July to indicate they want to return early
- Issue: need to help frosh move into housing for FOPs (Aug 17)
early returns would have to be back on Aug 16

Big Goals for Next Year
1. Look at how people are distributed by class throughout the system
(e.g. Next House the Freshmen Ghetto) -- solutions: lottery tweaks, etc.
2. Orientation - continual improvement and better analysis and surveys,
work with IFC (which will hopefully have a stable goverment) UA and
ILTFP (figure out what is the relationship b/t ILTFP and DormCon)
3. Fund large DormCon events, on a Fall festivalish level; more
interdorm events
4. Residential Dining Evaluation -- Making sure that it is working
5. Recovering the Lost DormCon Stapler
6. Residence Based Advising -- Concern for Analysis

Frosh Distribution
- Next House 55% freshmen for the second year in a row...
- Some sort of committee with Denise, Student Live, Karen N.
and K. Vandiver and look what needs to be done
- Need to evaluate balance
- Freshmen Frat Members have until Aug 1 to decide if they choose
to move off campus

+ Ross and JudComm... will probably pass on to Justin
- Each Dorm should have a summer JudComm
- Dormcon JudComm chair should know who each dorm's JudComm chair is

REX Update and Discussion
East and West Parties (Tyler, Johnny and Snaggs)
+ Class of 2007 Communications Group
+ Taking Orientation, Student Life, DormCon, IFC
and informing them what's what
+ Most immediate: mailings going to freshmen
+ Today (May 1, 2003) was the postmark deadline for freshmen
+ Official Welcome Letter is sent Monday
+ The Orientation Pack Goes out Tuesday
+ Thursday/Friday - Housing/I3 meetings
+ FSILG Mailing - later in the summer
+ By 1 June, every student in the class of 2007 has housing information
+ <-- I3 Server: Mirror of CD, Schedules of REX events,
Info about Moving Vans, Detailed Information about how to pack
+ If DormCon could get information as to what's on the stock answer sheet
+ Also could be a good idea if we could get a glance at the questions
and give some input
+ Get Unaffiliated DormCon People to Apply as Orientation Coordinators
for Next Year
+ Eight Locations (Bex, New, Random @ La Sala?!), Contact Dorm Presidents
and House Team <- OPC
+ Dorms Give Desserts
+ Clean-up/set-up ?

End: 7:24 PM

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