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meeting minutes

Minutes of the Dormitory Council
East Campus
Emily Cofer chairing

Dorms Present: Senior House, Random Hall, East Campus, New House, Next House, Burton-Connor, Baker House, McCormick Hall

Absent: Simmons Hall, Bexley Hall, MacGregor House

Proposal to buy Snaggs dinner and flowers for being such a super-cool party organizer ($75)

approved by white ballot

Notes and Updates:

1) parties happened, there will be discussion about them
2) DormCon and the IFC have been trying to establish better relations to help each other out with stuff. We'll see how that goes . . .

Meeting Schedule:
every other Thursday at 7PM. Emily will send out details over dormcon@mit

House Issues:

Simmons (Nikki):
1) Asks how residential dining is going, suggests looking into it as the year goes by. Baker (Tony) responds that he is unsure. Next (Johhny) responds that prices have been jacked up, and he wouldn't eat there.

2) RAC's are on power trip, need to deal as head RAC. Also, mixed to bad results on follow through from Rush Chairs during parties. this should be fixed.

Next (Johhny)
1) Frat issues. Frosh have been rushed since the moment the showed up on campus, some have already gotten bids even though rush hasn't started. they know how to get alcohol from the frats.
this is a problem. Much discussion on this, with comments from dan, snaggs, tony, and others. this issue is complicated and its not clear where the boundaries of what frats can do lays. frats seem to not really care about/respect dorms.

Senior Haus (Dan)
1) Nothing much

Random (Joel)
1) We're good.

Burton-Connor (Justin)
1) Lots of alcohol around, much more than normal it seems. talk about an alcohol policy so that we can handle things internally. if it's the upperclassmen dealing, that's much more effective than admins.

2) fire alarm problems are notorious. people are ignoring them. cooking is the main problem, maybe institute fines

3) house master search

Baker (Tony)
1) very low frosh movement (5 moved out, 9 in). some bakerites feel like rush doesn't effect baker. people wonder whether it's a waste of time. people comment on the need for participation from all dorms for our efforts to mean anything.

2) concerns about Danny Trujillo.

East Campus (Matt)
1) not much, don;t smack us down when we build stuff

New House (Mike)
1) Cultural houses having issues, but it's an internal issue

McCormick (Marjan)
1) brings up dorm security discussion from last year with respect to card access for undergrads, replacing guest lists systems with guest lists based on card access.

Snaggs brings up stuff:

1) concerned about frats showing disrespect for dorms and dorm residents. mentions UberCon, and asks whether it has done anything since the chancellor's leadership summit thingy.

2) discusses "haves and have-nots", ie the observation that residence halls don;t seem to be treated equally across campus in terms of, for example, police response, facilities, admin aditudes, etc. Said Dan Mcnaulty: "The atitudes are reenforced by sheer reenforcement."

Discussion of whom to invite to meetings (Emily has the list)

lots of discussion of the ARC


West: maybe change to a block party instead of a central party frosh movie seems like a bad idea, b/c it doesnt promote socializing

says snaggs: it worked as a welcome to mit, but did it distinguish dorms? if we do a block party, will people drop the ball, since this year there were only a few people really "busting their butts" to get stuff done.

funding: will the deans still want to fund it? should dormcon fund it totally?


ifc problems (members in disguise)

west people not coming to east side

(both parties) we NEED consistency in party coordinators, which we did not have from the west side at all this year.


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