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meeting minutes

Minutes of the Dormitory Council of MIT
McCormick Hall
Recorded by: Joel Corbo

Present: Emily Cofer, Miker Childress, Marjan Bolouri, Nick (Simmons Prez), Joel Corbo, Baker JudComm Chair, Snaggs, Steve Tyrell, Katie O'dair, Danny Trujillo

Notes and Updates:
- Johhny met with larryben to start talking about Roles and Responsibilities of DormCon and JudComm
- budget next week

Katie, Steve, and Danny:
- general comments: steve talks about JudComm and differences from dorm to dorm and the relationship between dorms and DormCon. Wants to be involved with R&R process. also mentions alcohol. danny encourages us to use them for feedback.
- emily asks about event registration process
katie indicates that current "one size fits all" process doesn't work. they are looking into an internal system (internal to dorms) to make the process easier, but the problem with that is monitoring and enforcement. danny indicates that they'd like JudComm to become the internal support.
- emily points out that students feel the process is too complicated katie agrees and says the process has to be "low barrier"; indicates that SLP's job is to process the request, not approve it (ie, they dont judge the request).
- emily asks how responsible for things that go wrong are the student hosts
katie says that for very large groups they don't want student hosts, but that if a student as a host does everything possible to keep things safe, that if something does go wrong MIT will back the host up.

[The real secretary arrives, so Joel stops taking notes.]


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