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meeting minutes

Minutes of the Dormitory Council of MIT
Next House
Recorded by: Joel Corbo

Present: Johhny Yang, Joe Jacobs, Nikki Johnson, Joel Corbo, McCormick VP, Mike Childress, someone from Next House

Notes and Updates:
- next meeting at Random
- fall festival went well. we co-sponsored an event with EC, got LEF

funding (1500)
- mcCormick formal: needs more people, in the imperial ballroom at the park plaza on nov 9. email mccormick social chair for details
- justin meets with steve tyrell, but is not here to report on it
- housing task force: now the housing stratigies group. next issue is to decide how to do summer housing (make one dorm all-conference, take dorms off-line for renovations, etc)

BUDGET: not nearly spending what we take in. however, if we want to do east/west parties again, we pay for it, so we need to budget that. also, too few people to vote. tabled until next meeting

Student Health Advisory Committee:
consensus: this is not our issue, they should ask the medlinks

Goler's flag:
this is also not our issue (it's the UA's). as long as (preexisting) rules are consistently enforced, thats OK.

Ghetto Party:
this is also not our issue. it brings up several questions:
1) do we want to have a policy that no dormcon funds may be used for not politically correct parties?
2) do we want to be more like the IFC in terms of diciplinary power (ie, they deal with all problems other than death internally; the dorms have no such mechanism)

R&R of DormCon/JudComm:
we need to work on this, but it will take time. we will ask snaggs to organize an IAP retreat for exec, presidents, and people like steve and katie.


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