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meeting minutes

Minutes of the Dormitory Council of MIT
Random Hall
Recorded by: Joel Corbo

Present: Johhny Yang, Joel Corbo, Nikki Johnson, Matt Malinowski, McCormick Secretary, UA treasurer, Snaggs, the new RLA,John DiFava, Albert Pierce

DiFava and Pierce:
- introduce themselves. express surprise at disfunctionality of CPs, in terms of community relations. about 15% of CPs cause problems. need feedback from community to fix things
- nikki questions where CPs fit into the law enforcement heirarchy.
answer: they are at the bottom in terms of perception. many people use CPs as a stepping stone to higher law enforcement, to gain experience. those blocked from moving on are often resentful. lots of attrition due to this. also, many people join CPs after retirement from higher law enforcement. these are often good people who understand how to do their jobs.
- snaggs: surprised about disconnect between students and CPs. would plain clothes help?
uniform is a prosence and a deterrent. when calls come in, they are often not accurate, so more CPs show up than it necessary. in general, probably a bad idea to switch to plainclothes CP details.
- difava comments that the biggest crims problem on this campus is theft, although its not as bad as many other places. also, we have almost no crimes against the person (ie assaults, etc)
-snaggs: how about dinners with CPs at dorms?
sounds like a good idea. niiki comments that there are dinner with admin nights at simmons, and it works pretty well.
- nikki: dorm security?
difava says that security at dorms is not so good, but it cant improve unless the people living there do something about it. the institute does no background checks on any of its employees (except the CPs). the idea of CPs mini-training deskworkers comes up. difava comments on the problem that there are too many people in charge of different aspects of security and no centralization.


- halloween party at simmons for kids and spooky skate at johnson 10-midnight on Friday. pumpkin carving, cookie decorating, costume contests, good clean fun.
- how are first years doing? general consensus is OK
- agrees to organize retreat

desk captains should email crimbite@mit to set up mini-training sessions for deskworker with the CPs

wants reps from all dorms. currently missing random, senior, bexley, new, BC

Campus dining advisory board and CAC advisory board:
also want reps from us. maybe mike childress will take CAC?

Election Day Event:
Matt Deberg is throwing a party on the W20 steps on Nov 4. We will help publicize

Joel discusses events at Random that precipitated the review process. he says that some randoms are going to draft new policy, and will report back on progress at next meeting.


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