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meeting minutes

Minutes of the MIT Dormitory Council
November 6, 2003
Simmons Hall
Minutes recorded by: Joel Corbo

Present: Emily Cofer, Johhny Yang (Next), Mike Childress (New), Nikki Johnson, Joel Corbo (Random), Marjan Bolouri (McCormick), Snaggs, Dan (BC, MacG RLA)

NOT PRESENT: Senior Haus, EC, Bexley, Baker, Simmons, MacGregor, Burton-Connor

Notes and Updates
a) where next meeting? EC!
b) CAC rep? Mike will see if he can make the meetings
c) Snaggs update:
we have $2000 for retreat, plus cost of staff (snaggs, barbera baker, katie o'dair, steve tyrell, etc)
it will probably happen jan 24 and 25

thanks to snaggs for dinner!

Cloud 9 formal update (from Marjan)
tickets are now free due to LEF, 500 ppl max

emily and johhny will talk to karen about what's going on.
we may set up a joint taskforce between dorms.
joel will let the people at random who are working on it know what's going on with dormcon

-new concept for summer housing: assign some dorms for conference only, some for students/special programs (mites, interphase, etc) only, rotate dorms to go off-line for renovations. this is still very much in the early stages
-also discussion of role of grts for the summer; also the establishment of some money to do student life programing for the summer
-also discussed creating a new set of paid student positions for the summer as people to replace the functionality of the grts and generally be in charge of things
-we should look into how graduating seniors will be treated in the summer lottery
-senior segue people should move into graduate housing at the beginning of the summer to avoid timing problems at the end.

REX: here we go again!
-the rumor is that the ARC wants to cut stuff from orientation because its too long (like opening and closing ceremonies) our idea is to move all housing/rex stuff to the beginning, maybe make it start on friday afternoon and go until sunday night when the lottery will close. then have orientation start on monday and run straight through
separates housing from orientation
gets the frosh settled early, which means parent leave earlier
the arc doesnt have to deal with them for a few days (we could even handle checkin)
makes things like the dorm dinners and welcomes from grts, housemasters, governments, etc make more sense
it gives the frosh one less thing to worry about (where they're going to live)
it makes dorm residents happy
it will make the housing system more fluid by discouraging inertia
it will make it easier to keep the frats out b/c we can say that this is strictly dorm time, and can enforce that
it will make the parties (keep east the same, change west to a block party) into ways to get people to meet each other(which is what they are actually useful for) rather than trying to make them part of the exploration, which they really arent
-emily will draft something this weekend


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