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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - Feb. 5, 2004
Next Meeting:  Wed. 2/18/05 7pm East Campus

Meeting Incentive Program
        If dorms send reps to all DormCon meetings they will receive $200 at end of term
        Total of $2,200 budgeted

Campus Alcohol Advisory Board (CAAB)
        Mechanism for CLC to monitor alcohol use and policy at the Institute
        Policy review going on now, open forums coming up, final policy revision in near future

Summer Housing
        Task force final report to Dean Benedict forthcoming
Recommended that some residences go offline from student housing during summer for repairs and/or conferences.
        Summer house tax to go to student leadership
        RA’s or semi-GRTs to be present, some low key house events

        Attached as .xls file, approved by all 9 houses present

Steer Roast Funding Request
Senior Haus asks for $3,000 from DormCon to help fill $6,000 budget gap, will refund remainder if they get excess funding from other sources
Approved by all 9 houses

Room Assignments Chair - Ian Brelinsky
Rush Chair(s) - East: Harvey Jones, West: for future meeting
Secretary - Mike Childress (meeting minutes) + Joshua Velasquez (website)
JudComm Chair - election next meeting

Retreat Review
JudComms should consult us before hearing any cases
Event Reg review requests: more informal options, including BYOB, change in max number of people at non-bartender alcohol events, more well-defined public vs. private spaces

I3 Video Project
Joshua Velasquez to assist with compiling and checking videos, as well as FYG materials
I3 logistics meeting in the next week (tentatively 2/12/04)
Materials due to I3 reps by 3/22/04
CD finalized by 4/2/04
Final product returned to us on 4/23/04

Patriots’ Day Weekend in April
People will be leaving, so we need to recruit hosts early
March 19th deadline for submitting to Admissions list of events to be in CPW guide + receive funding
CPW is a DRY weekend
DormCon will throw a residence midway style event on Saturday


REX 2004
The orientation schedule has not been completely finalized and we will continue to seek time for REX events


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