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DormCon Meeting Minutes - Feb. 19, 2004
Next Meeting:  Wed. 3/4/04 7pm Location TBD

JudComm Co-Chairs - Jacqueline Greene and David Nedzel
REX Co-Chair - Harel Williams

Pet Policy
Policy initially created 3.5 years ago, is one of few such policies on any U.S. campus
Pets allowed at EC, Random, Bexley, and Senior Haus
Only cats are allowed
Animal health must be proven (shots, etc.)
New features from policy review:
        - policy organized into appropriate sections
        - streamlined process for getting cat registered, with pre-approval process included
        - amendments for transfer of ownership
        - warning structure
        - pet chair responsibilities more clearly defined

Risk Management
Robin Davis from the UA Senate presented proposed signs to be posted in dorms that list emergency numbers and give advice on how to deal with intoxicated persons
Final design will be sent to Emily and then forwarded to DormCon for approval
Straw poll of dorms showed interest (all 10 in favor)

Front Desk Security
Multiple theft incidences last semester
Proposal for desk worker education with help of housing and campus police
Proposed guidelines for desk workers:
        1.  Look up when the door opens
        2.  If someone asks to come in, ask for name and ID
        3.  Student guests should sign in and show ID
        4.  “Piggy backs” (i.e. people who follow someone who uses their ID) show follow above procedure
        5.  Faculty and personnel must sign a separate log
        6.  Punishments (e.g. strike system) for negligent workers should be implemented
Straw poll showed interest in desk worker training (8 to 2)

Summer Housing
Task force meant to address problems:
        - improved security
        - problems with interactions between different summer resident groups
        - better dorm environment for current students (i.e. organized activities)
        - renovations
Dean Benedict wants DormCon to be the voice of student representation on this issue
CHO will be UA voice on this issue, will issue statement this week
Emily will compile comments and prepare official DormCon response


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