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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - Mar. 18, 2004
Next Meeting:  Thu. 4/1/04 7pm at New House

Officer Updates
CPW - Funding requests due to ARC by TOMORROW
I3 - all dorm I3 movies due to Joshua Velasquez <chillin> TOMORROW - he is going to Cancun for break and must have your material before he leaves
Treasurer - out of $8,000 budgeted for dorm events, $5,000 total has been allocated


Copyright Issues
Dorms cannot show movies publicly to their entire dorm
Dorms CAN have a movie collection and charge rental fees
Serious legal consequences - two MIT student groups were fined a total of $12,000 recently

Housing Surveys
Rick Gresh presented comprehensive data from housing surveys, detailed report will be e-mailed to dormcon soon

Funding Requests
Baker request for $600 to help provide refreshments at Rock Party event on 4/3/04 approved
East Campus and MacGregor/Baker will make requests at next meeting

Harvey is working on getting Killian Court for a large event
Other large event ideas include carnival-like event created
Funding this year will come from more standard sources, less reliance on Larry Benedict’s office


**detailed information to be sent soon by David and Jacqueline**
Three types of cases we might hear:
1.  Appeals heard because (a) new evidence found since ruling, (b) procedural guidelines not followed, or (c) sanctions not appropriate.
2.  Cases against an entire building or an organization, e.g. against a student group who committed postering violations, or against an FSILG who committed vandalism.
3.  Cases in which the dorm in which the infraction was committed does not have an operating JudComm.  If not heard by DormCon, these cases would be heard by a dean’s panel.
General consensus was that type 1 should be heard by us, type 2 cases need more details before we can hear these, and type 3 probably should not be heard by us.
Punishments our JudComm could recommend: expulsion from a dorm or the entire dorm system, community service, fines, or counseling or educational programs.
We CANNOT hear cases of 2nd time offenders
Questions of who should comprise the hearing panels have not been fully answered.


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