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DormCon Meeting Minutes - April 8, 2004
Next Meeting: Thursday April 22, Time and Location TBA.

Attendance: Bexley absent

NOTE: DormCon Elections have been postponed until Thursday, April 22. All dorm residents are invited to run for the open positions (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Housing Chair) and are encouraged to come and vote in the elections. Dorm presidents vote on behalf of every single one of their constituents not in attendance, so come vote!

i3 UPDATE: from coordinator Joshua Velasquez: Thanks to all the dorms for doing such a great job on this year's i3 project. The CDs and Guides are being printed and will be assembled in late April. Each dorm's housemasters and house president will receive a copy when we've assembled them.

CPW: Next weekend!
- Some dorms participating in Thursday night Festival
- CPW should be used as precursor to REX by dorms
- Need volunteers for SLP/DormCon table (take prefrosh to dorms for tours)

- MacGregor/Baker Formal, April 23 (Spring Weekend), Kendall Marriott
- Each dorm contributing $5000
- Requesting $1000 from DormCon
- Request granted by unanimous vote of members in attendance

JUDCOMM: Things are going well, more updates to come.

- UA-CHO, IFC, SLP on board with Tuesday Night Party
- tentative location: Killian Court
- send feedback/ideas for party to DormCon REX Chairs
- Rules for party: NO RUSH/REX STUFF
- Suggestion for Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday to get prefrosh to explore dorms
- Presidents: send names and contact info for your rush chairs to DormCon REX Chairs

- Apply to be a Summer RA:
- Student Government Leadership Initiative:
- Movies/Copyright update: MIT is researching getting a blanket license to show movies on campus
When can movies be shown on campus?
-- Classroom use: copyright exemption
-- Fair use: defense to uses of copyrighted materials
-- Library Use: copyright exemption
-- Dorm room: not public; not advertised; only friends
-- Living or Lounge Room of Dorm: invited guests and invited friends ok; entire dorm cannot be invited; not advertised; spontaneous nature.


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