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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - Apr. 22, 2004
Next Meeting: Thu. 5/6/04 7pm at Random Hall

Urgent Announcements
Dorms who have not done so should select at least one member of their house who will be a trained DormCon JudComm member, training and final organization will take place in the near future.
Dorm presidents should read the forthcoming Rules and Responsibilities document and draft for the DormCon Constitution, voting on these will take place at next meeting.

CPW Feedback
Some prefrosh had misperceptions about our housing process - mainly because they did not receive formal documentation regarding the process before their arrival on campus - so some were surprised by the housing choice / REX system.
Some fraternity members were still present in dormitories in what seemed to be a recruitment capacity, so this is something to discuss more with IFC for next REX and CPW.

DormCon Roles & Responsibilities + Constitution
We want to make it clear in the Roles & Responsibilities document that administration should see us as official representatives of dorm interests.
At next meeting we will adopt final versions of both documents

President - Ian Brelinsky
VP - Joshua Velasquez
Treasurer - Seth Dorfman
Secretary - Aayesha Siddiqui
Housing Chair - Richard-Duane Chambers
REX Co-chairs - Shauna Jin and Shereen Chaudhry

McCormick will be in the mandatory dining system, potential plans for MacGregor next.
DormCon will try to become involved in discussions of future expansions of the system.

Tuesday night event was originally slated to be managed by DormCon, UA, and ASA, but ASA is unable to help manage the event due to their internal rules, so we will be taking a strong lead role in organization of this event.

David and Jacqueline sent e-mail earlier, and DormCon generally agreed with the roles they laid out for DormCon JudComm with regards to what cases it should hear, summer JudComm, requirements for house JudComms.


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