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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - October 11, 2005

Present: BC Simmons Random EC

Absent: Baker, Bexley, New, McCormick, Macgregor, Senior

Dorm Security

Cheryl Vossmer, MIT Police

  • hasn't had to send out any bulletins regarding suspicious people in dormitories
  • people have been breaking into rooms in BC (breaking frames, theft)
 * wants to know what would be fair disciplinary action


  • wants to use student Judcomm


  • Committee on Discipline- offense is illegal


  • will either be COD or courts


  • it's a serious offense, should be dealt with as such


  • TV crews might be on campus this week trying to infiltrate dorms
  • warn desk workers to be vigilant


  • seems that desk experience varies by dorm
  • Simmons has limited desk-worker pool
  • Burton Conner has too many people wanting to work desk
  • might depend on physical setup of dorm
  • situation at some dorms might warrant more official training
  • need a system for accountability (either positive or negative reinforcement)
  • remind desk workers that their primary responsibility is security (not just lock-outs or movies)


  • has been perennial problem, continues to come up at DormCon
  • acknowledges McCormick has tight security


  • Senior Haus has good security (know people by name, help and screen guests)
  • difficulties for some dorms filling shifts
  • who's responsible when desk captain can't fill shift?
  • house masters, housing, security

//NEXT STEP: once or twice yearly training, check up on which dorms are secure, tech article, brainstorm with desk captains, Dormcon members should attempt entry into other dorms, visit other colleges/universities

  • need to take into account the impact increased security has on dorm community

JudComm Update


  • Danny Trujillo had comments on draft
  • will send out revised version to dorms-prez
  • possible IAP training for dorm JudComms
  • wants head count estimate from each dorm


  • Simmons wants judcomm that can hold hearings, mediate


  • not interested in centralized JudComm, some individuals might want training


  • Senior Haus wants mediation, not discipline
  • thinks Baker wants both

UA Update


  • orientation last week, learned UA has common goals w/DormCon
  • going to be committee to evaluate orientation


  • committee will finish report sometime this year
  • Undergraduate Educational Commons might be thinking about influencing housing

Internal Structure


  • Need to get more dorm presidents at meetings
  • remind presidents that they can send proxies


  • should figure out why presidents aren't coming


  • have a meeting among presidents to see what's going on
  • special mid-semester meetings
  • streamline meetings (less discussion, more action)
  • any given discussion only relevant to subset of dorm presidents
  • dormcon exec meetings vs. dormcon president meetings
  • not giving incentives for presidents to come (people who show up do work for all presidents)

//NEXT STEP: ask presidents why they're not here, how to get them back, (Harvey will do) look into having smaller meetings for more specialized topics, come up with list of initiatives for this year, recruitment

email dorms@mit with open positions: Rex, i3, dining

Event Funding

  • idea to make event funding contingent on meeting attendence


  • list cell phones (not room numbers) as contacts
  • Harvey has talked to Larry Ben to fund one phone per hall
  • IS&T considering paying for incoming calls
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