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Meeting Minutes

meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - October 24, 2005

Present: Simmons, Random, EC, MacG, Senior, Next, BC Absent: Baker, Bexley, New, McCormick


  • ASA meeting Tuesday Nov. 7th, will be representative

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting at Pritchett

PanHel Recruitment

Heather, from PanHel

  • Panhel interested in doing fall recruitment
  • taking into account weather, difficulty recruiting in spring
  • wants to know what logistics Panhel needs to work around
  • will be four days (Labor Day weekend, same as fraternity Rush)
  • will move some recruitment to CPW
  • takes away problem of having to disaffiliate PRCs
  • not looking to increase number of people living in houses
  • looking to make members feel a part of both dorm and Panhel communities
  • would take effect fall 2007 (soonest possible date)
  • wouldn't take away people from dorm orientations, sisters encouraged to interact with new freshmen at dorms
  • possibly hold sorority/dorm combined events
  • would help financially to have women pay dues for fall semester
  • spring recruitment wouldn't exist in any form
  • would increase number of early returns (would be good for dorms, as there would be more upperclassmen around to fill buildings)
  • once they recruit women, would be good to support them being involved in the dorm communities
  • will keep good records of impact and feedback of move

//DormCon would support if sisters would be willing to work in dorms during Orientation as well



  • $15,080 = money from fall house tax



  • rex committee, dining committe, i3
  • have pizza in W20, talk to people and recruit for committees
  • will mail have candidates in two weeks

Meeting Attendance

  • New, Bexley, Baker have been to zero meetings, McCormick has only been to request funding
  • idea to make funding dependent on attendence
  • make people confirm that they can attend or list a proxy


  • will be issuing directives about Orientation to deans in near future
  • Harvey wants to get policies written down (more effective in directing policies)
  • Risk management, GRTs, CPW, Dining, Security, i3, IFC/Panhel relations, administrative relationships, REX, Judcomm
  • Harvey will post threads on Wiki
  • Risk Management - Chris
  • JudComm - Jeff
  • CPW - Harvey, Jeff
  • i3 - Harvey, Jeff
  • REX - Harvey, Jeff
  • Dining Martini
  • will find someone from BC Shauna
  • Gov't relations - Harvey, Milo
  • Will help w/GRTs Snaggs
  • We think MIT should_____. How MIT can promote this is to _____. This reflects our goal of______.

Dorm Equality

  • should rectify inequalities among dorm conditions
  • should focus on fixing up dorms that are falling apart, rather than improving ones that are already in good condition
  • improvements shouldn't just go to dorms that make the most noise

//Milo will write a request and put on Wiki


  • rep from cultural house


  • take a look at how it's impacting various dorms
  • Chris will gauge interest in forum (will pay for out of exec discretionary)
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