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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - November 14, 2005

Present: macG (proxy = Adam Donovan), BC, Random, EC, Simmons, Next Senior House

Absent: Baker, New, McCormick


  • meeting next week about goals of orientation

i3 Chair

  • Tim: BC sophomore, lots of video-editing experience
    • Likes current format, wouldn't change much.
    • Maybe IAP internship, normal courseload, not too many other commitments.
  • Jen: EC sophomore, wants to help because it was influential for her, done lots of publicity for various groups/plays, video-editing experience
    • Wouldn't change a lot, keep a trailer (either part of other video, or let dorms submit separately), make sure everything's accessible on website.
    • IAP no, maybe a UROP next semester, will only be doing publicity for acting, no spring break plans.
  • Milo: EC sophomore, comes to all DormCon meetings, 2 years video editing experience, wants to help other people decide on dorm, done publicity for lots of groups, good at poking people to make them do things
    • Stop dorms from just doing walk-throughs, doesn't want to lump all dorms into one video, merger DVD/video/webspace
    • No IAP plans, no spring break plans, lots of extracurriculars during term, but lots of unused time.
  • Questions:
    • what would you change about format?
    • How busy do you expect to be next term?
  • elected: Tim Dudley


  • needs to go to campus dining advisory board, UA meetings, coordinate with dining chairs from each dorm
  • Marc: New House already on UA dining board (undergraduate representative), will fight for dorms, interested in finding more dining options (variety, prices) on campus, doesn't want mandatory dining plan, but would rather make it better so people want to buy it, would be willing to hold meetings with dining chairs from around campus, keep Dormcon informed on what's happening with dining around campus.


  • Recent recruitment efforts (for i3, dining, and Rex) make Harvey want to have someone in charge of recruitment
  • Jeff- doesn't think it's a good idea to create position to recruit more people (don't necessarily want more positions), no one person has access to all of campus
  • Harvey- most interested in budgeting directly, rather than using exec discretionary
  • $300 for this term-- passed unopposed
  • hopefully $500-1000 per term in future

Funding Positions

  • giving money to positions gives them freedom to be more effective-- prizes for surveys, food for feedback sessions, etc.
  • people wary of giving money to idea that doesn't have a concrete plan
  • table idea until next time

Dorm Exec Event

  • get people from dorms other than presidents to know more about DormCon
  • David- IAP DormCon retreat could take form of dinners
  • see if Dean Larry Benedict will fund

Orientation Meeting

  • Harvey, David, Schuyler will meet with Liz Young on Wednesday
  • Andrew - UA interested in pushing for schedule that's good for all undergrads, knows Hockfield wants to have convocation right away (not two days in), afraid time will be fragmented
  • Harvey - FPOPS tired out freshmen, got freshmen back on campus too late, City Days interfered, thinks earlier convocation a good idea, lengthy blocks of time more effective
  • General consensus that Rex needs to be planned about a month earlier than last year (aim for middle of IAP)
  • Ian- have list of goals at meeting, examples to back them up
  • goals: orientation needs concrete beginning, City Days later in week, unfragmented time for community involvement, keep an eye on when Advanced Standing Exams, limit what orientation leaders do, allow for wider variety of people to get involved, be attentive to parental concerns (parental brunches, parent dinners)
  • student participation is proportional to how much vested interest the students have in event
  • will be familiar with student feedback from last year's rush

Student Life Survey

  • Andy Ryder offered Dormcon space for two questions on survey

RAC Training

  • Jimbo- RACs will learn what housing expects from them, talk with other dorms, will not be enforcing any policies on dorms
  • trying to get more information about specific processes at different dorms

Visiting Committee

  • look at how Department of Student Life is doing
  • talked to MIT corporation members
  • haven't seen concrete reports, should be getting soon
  • David gave presentation on residential life iniiatives


  • David- Simmons will work with DormCon to develop social host training
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