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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - November 28, 2005

  • Present: Burton Conner, Random, Simmons, East Campus, Senior Haus, Next House, MacGregor, McCormick
  • Absent: Baker, New, Bexley
  • Guests: Dennis (Housing), Larry Benedict, Snaggs, Dan Kirsch

What LarryBen is thinking about

Housemaster Changes

  • EC housemaster search, associate housemaster search for Simmons
  • housemanager, Andy Ryder, Snaggs, two students, GRTs etc. on search committee
  • 2 students, GRTs, Snaggs on search committee
  • committees send letter of recommendation to LarryBen, he then interviews certain candidates
  • deadline for applications is end of December
  • hopefully decide by March

Phone Service

  • VOIP (skype) experiment through Athena clusters
  • possible phones available to needy students


  • looking to experiment and try to get students out eating across campus
  • have 6 "secret eaters" out seeing what dining is really like

East vs. West Campus

  • trying to promote more cross-campus interactions
  • wants to keep halves distinct, but diminish some negative feelings

Students on Campus a lot

  • not enough services available over long weekends (more students only leave for 1-2 days, rather than all weekend), wants to have more open

LarryBen Answering Questions

  • FOC's impact on class size?

--> Baker has 46% freshmen, not even close to ideal. Won't prevent upper-classmen from leaving dorm, although that would help solve the problem. Lack of balance comes primarily from moving to other dorms, not IFC. Firmly believes that you need to have balance and keep many upperclassmen around (too many freshmen in one place a bad idea).

  • Thoughts on mandatory dining

--> Pritchett not attempt to bring mandatory dining to East Side. Supports dining, wants to make it more user-friendly. In-dorm dining only financially feasible if all residents at a dorm use it. DOES NOT WANT TO EVER HAVE MANDATORY DINING ON CAMPUS. Things LaVerde's is convenient and quality, but far too expensive. Wants to have more options for people who cook.

  • Pritchett for breakfast

--> Considering opening up Pritchett for late-night coffee shop (real food, not just pastries) and maybe breakfast. Will be trying out all sorts of things over the nextt couple of years. --> It's important to have good nutrition and sleep habits. Learn better if you have both. Ramen and pasta aren't good to have on a regular basis. Wants to promote balanced eating and student interaction.

  • Grocery Stores?

--> Discussed discounts with Star, they don't want to. Could also have student-run co-op. Will talk to Harvest co-op in Central. Looking at lots of different models.

  • Dean of Discipline?

--> New discipline process. December 2nd will have meeting to outline what we want in person who fills Bill Fisher's position. Does not expect to find replacement until end of spring semester. Will be creating a committee.

Contact LarryBen

  • Likes dinner invitations, will try to come.
  • Office hours 10AM every Friday

What LarryBen Knows About Committee on Undergraduate Education

  • Will be including recommendation pertaining to housing and diversity. Will be plenty of input and notice before any potential decisions are made.
  • DormCon should meet over IAP to create an official document embodying our position on housing
  • Should emphasize that current system creates support systems, which you need to survive MIT
  • We need to come up with a positive solution which solves "issue" without destroying current housing system.
  • Are there any changes that we would like to happen, which we can use this as an opportunity to implement? Try to come up with ideas to bring various cultural events into dorms. Look at definition of diversity (much more than skin color).

Harvey's Meeting with Phil Clay

  • MIT alum death, discussed ramifications of event and how to deal with the press.

Dennis Collins on Laundry

  • Housing needs more money to break even. Needs to find additional revenue services.
  • MacGray (laundry company) has new system that lets you look at machines online (think Random Hall all across campus)
  • Pay 8-9% more, two option: either get rid of card readers, or get new system (with online checking); pretty much doesn't make a difference financially to dorms, one way technology stays the same, the other way we get new fancy pants technology
  • Bottom line: dorms will get less money, might get new technology in the deal
  • Wants to decide in time to have it implemented by next fall.

IAP Meetings

  • Work on position papers
  • Probably will be two separate evenings
  • Invite members of all dorm execs


  • Jimbo, housing: Robin sent out survey to see how various dorms do housing, will have IAP meeting
  • Marc, dining: Met with Richard Berlin, for Pritchett looking into DirectTV and big-screen TV. Improvements?
- Smaller portions and cheaper prices option. 
- Group discount for 10 or more people.
- Post menus a week ahead of time at dorms.
- Faster process
- Process for getting a meeting catered
- Pritchett convenience (milk, eggs, etc.)
- More seating in Pritchett's side room

  • Little Chris, Risk Management: Working on policy for intoxicated students being dropped off at their dorm. Danny Trujillo is printing posters on what to do with people who are intoxicated.
- Ok for signs to be posted in dorms if they're not permanent (won't ruin murals, easily removable)
  • Jeff, Judcomm: still needs feedback from certain dorms on their position.

Next Meeting

  • Snaggs and Dan will host in Burton Conner
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