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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - December 12, 2005

Present: Burton Conner, Random, Simmons, East Campus, Senior House, New House, MacGregor, Absent: Next, McCormick, Baker, Bexley


  • Currently Harvey and David have been going to meetings, will go until we get a new chair
  • Currently haven't had to commit to anything
  • Essentially the same as last year, except there'll be convocation on Sunday 10AM (which means FPOPs will be required to be back by then) and City Days will not be during our time
  • ARC doing away with Play Fair!, needs to be replaced with something
  • No one supports and East and West party; time better spent focusing on individual-dorm events (frosh find them more useful) or centralized large event
  • Good to have an event when you can get a critical mass of freshmen (centralized event)

- events like Building 32 party (2004) gets frosh to consider dorms they don't know much about

  • Maybe have centralized style on West Campus and decentralized in East Campus (each dorm can participate in whatever events they think are best for them); maybe have East side focus efforts on one night, and west side on the other
  • Centralized tours another idea (like for CPW)
  • Should be an event that's sole purpose is to welcome frosh to campus
  • Underlying Goal: get frosh to connect with upperclassmen, form support networks, and find an environment in which they'd like to live


  • Three evenings: two for dormcon officers, one including all different execs

- January 17th and 19th (T/R of second week IAP): Just presidents and Dormcon Exec, no location decided yet - January 23rd, 5-11PM (Monday), faculty club

  • Will work on position statements (Dining, Rex, Housing, etc.)

Danny Trujillo from Dept. of Student Life

  • Brought plastic signs to post in dorms with information on what to do with drunk people, numbers to call, etc.
  • Working with Simmons to develop social host training

- think internet will be best way to access hosts - question: can GRTs be part of the process? --> really depends on particular community and willingness of GRT

  • still trying to figure out exactly what social hosts' roles will be

- could require registered parties to have social host involved - could just try to get N% of community to take training, meaning that social hosts will be present at all events (without technically requiring it) - currently no models for localized (dorm-based) training programs at other colleges

  • can email at: or

Bad Ideas Competition Funding Proposal

  • 4th annual, second weekend of IAP (Jan 20-22nd)
  • Open to all of campus

- tons of grilling in EC courtyard - One large dinner event (last year ran out of food for 300 people, ~500 people showed up) - Cross-campus competition (last year had tricycle race) - last year Simmons had ski/bike contraption, Random had toaster that's spring constants were too big

  • Main idea: get lots of lumber, people can build whatever they want
  • EC puts whatever money it can towards event, as well as lots of manpower and power tools
  • Shauna treasurer update: we have $15,000 left for this semester, and don't anticipate any other requests, can easily fund $2,000 for this semester

Y- BC, Random, Simmons, EC, Senior House, New House, Macgregor

Next Semester Possible Events

  • New House may do Tower of Babel
  • DTYD
  • Cross-Campus formal maybe?
  • Steer Roast

New Dorm Assignments

  • Just went out today, RACs should know


  • Jeff wants to meet with housemasters over IAP, please let him know, if you haven't already, where your dorm stands
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