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DormCon Meeting Minutes - February 13, 2006

Harvey: Now that we have quorum, when are everybody’s elections??

David took record of when officers were elected and when they take office.

Harvey: Next DormCon meetings we will have elections for our REX Chair.

REX Chair will get fee housing for the summer.

Equivalent to a part time job, nice position for a rising junior.

David: Don’t forget about the numerous events that are run by the dorms themselves. Start thinking about events that your dormitory wants to run. There are numerous opportunities for events to promote your theme and give students an opportunity to become better acquainted with your residence.

Dinner in the dorms will remain ŕ Positive feedback from parents/families.

Monday/Tuesday nights there will _not_ be any DormCon-organized events akin to the East-side, West-side parties this year. It will be up to the individual dorms to organize parties and events either alone or with other dorms with the support of DormCon.

Discussion of the Dinner in the Dorms programming, will your dorm be willing to serve dinner in the house and motivate a significant number of upperclassmen to attend and converse with families.

Goals of the Dinner in Dorms:

1) Show to the Parents that the dorm upperclassmen are responsible & friendly

2) Keeps frosh on campus thinking about dormitory exploration

3) Have strong Housemaster support for community development

Jessie: We shouldn’t be overly concerned with parents, having the dinners in the temp dorms doesn’t promote the spirit of dormitory exploration, encouraging frosh to get out and see other residences.

Agusta: It should be the responsibility of Dorm workers and governments to instill the concept of dormitory exploration.

Jeff C.: We only have so many battles we can fight and win, would prefer dinner in 2^nd -choice dorms however it’s not worth it to burn political capital on this fight.

Dave and Harvey: The logistical and community development aspects of having a dinner in the dorm outweigh most other concerns.

Snaggs: Good to have upperclassmen around to discuss issues like rooming.

David: Background about where the Kickoff came from…

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