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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - March 01, 2006

Present: Burton Conner, Random, Simmons, East Campus, Senior House, MacGregor, Baker, McCormick Absent: Next, Bexley, New House


  • Over-budget by $4,000 because we have surplus from last
  • Everyone present voted yes to Shauna's proposed budget:
    • Rex $7,000
    • MI $1,100
    • Food $500
    • Events $10,000
    • Exec 1,000
  • Total: $19,600
  • Augusta proposed $5,000 for Steer Roast. Will also be asking LEF for funding, possibly UA if necessary. Weekends won't fund because it's held in a specific dorm. Senior House spends majority of house budget on this event.
  • passes with 6 yeses (BC, EC, Random, Senior House, MacGregor, McCormick) 2 abstains (Simmons, Baker)

Rush Chair Election

  • Chair will plan events, coordinate individual dorms, make sure Rush happens, will have ~$14,000 budget, free summer housing from Dean's Office
  • Nominees: Sarah Hopp, Clayton Sims (in absentia), Amanda Lanza
  • Accepting nomination: Sarah Hopp, Clayton Sims (over the phone)
  • About Sarah: from EC, good at motivating other people to do things, will only have part time UROP, considers Rush very important to get people to look around, building communities more important after freshmen get settled in, thinks dorms should have chance to work together, but shouldn't be coerced into East/West party this year
  • About Clayton: will be working in Kendall Square this summer, no other commitments, light semester, will be willing to work with admins and recruit lots of other people to help run Rush, has helped organize parties in the past, good at organizing events with limited resources
  • Sarah won


  • March 13th = next CPW planning meeting, each dorm should send CPW or Rex chair
  • March 17th = deadline for event registration forms, hospitality lounge funding proposals
  • March 19th = deadline for host registration , publishing an event, and volunteering to help out
  • April 2nd = training session for CPW hosts
  • Lots of other important dates, but these are most important. Lots of funding available for good CPW events
  • There will be dorm tours again this year. ~10 people per dorm should plan on being tour guides.


  • Grad students will be moved out of Ashdown to new dorm in NW corner of campus. Undergrads will move into Ashdown, should be end of senior segue, crowding in dorms
  • Will be ~450 residents total. No set plans. Could possibly refurbish dining hall, will need to figure out how to do dorm government, rooming, etc.
  • BC and EC are two dorms most in need of refurbishing. Renovation is really expensive, because cost of energy is so high, it's unlikely renovation will occur in 2008.
  • Grad students upset that they weren't consulted, new dorm lacking in common space, likely that rents will be raised.


  • Suggestion for food truck b/t New House and MacGregor from 11PM-3AM, probably won't happen
  • idea to re-open Next House late night
  • discussed Lobdell complaints
  • dining crew went around and ate at various dining places, talked with people eating there
  • Marietta invited DormCon out to Emmanuel College (by Fenway) to see what a different dining system is like

Task Force for Undergraduate Educational Commons

  • Not going to randomize housing
  • Moving drop date forward is under consideration
  • humanities "common freshmen experience" under consideration


  • just dealt with funding proposals
  • trying to find out more information about TFUEC

Next Meeting at Random, Wednesday March 15th, 6:00

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