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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - March 15, 2006

Present: Burton Conner, East Campus, Simmons, Random, New House, Senior House, MacGregor, Next, McCormick, Baker! Absent: Bexley


  • Schedule is set, looks good. Freshmen will be on campus early, back from FPOPS on time.
  • Now time to get funding. Dining halls will be open, which will help with making dinners cheaper for in-dorm dinner on Sunday night.
  • Sarah Hopp needs to get names of all dorms' rex chairs so she can start communicating with them. Also send CPW chairs' names while you're at it.
  • Still need people to host prefrosh, especially women.
  • Need people to lead prefrosh to their temp dorms.
  • There will be a housing panel on Friday evening, email nedzel if you're interested.
  • This Friday is deadline for dorm hospitality funding proposals.
  • The 19th is deadline for submitting events for publicizing.
  • If you're here over spring break call up reg-action prefrosh with admissions.


  • Next Monday or Tuesday go to Emmanuel College to see what dining is like over there. Not mandatory at all, just a good experience. Funded by Bon Apetit.

Housing Study

  • Deans from a couple of other colleges (Duke and ?) came here and studied the way we do housing. Essentially said it's strange but works for us, and there shouldn't be such a big rift between different governments.
  • Currently waiting for Larry Ben's reaction.

Funding Proposal

  • DTYD Burton Conner would like $3,000. Needs to pay for live band, bartending service, etc.
  • Other dorms have events planned, but few details (Simmons, Baker, New, etc.)
  • Every dorm agrees to $3,000

Next Meeting

  • East Campus Wed. April 5th 6PM
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