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meeting minutes

DormCon Meeting Minutes - April 05, 2006

Present: EC, BC, Senior House, New, Random, Simmons, Macgregor, Baker Absent: Next, McCormick, Bexley

College Bellhop

  • Wellness/concierge service for students, take care of "day-to-day services" (room cleaning, laundry, non-alcoholic drink delivery) during stressful times
  • Would like to have a foot in the door to MIT, wanted dorm presidents' permission to have presence in dorms
  • Took polls in student center and saw a need for services, have support from a parent and a few dorm presidents already.
  • Will have opportunities for paid internships ("college manager") to help implement College Bellhop on campus
  • DormCon will get 5% of revenue from MIT transactions, Campus Bellhop would like a DormCon rep to come with them to meeting with administrators (Andy Ryder), they have already met with Dennis Collins
  • What they want from MIT: Letter to parents over the summer, 2 emails sent to student body, designated space in dorm common areas for students to pick up/drop off laundry bags.
  • We will decide on a dorm-by-dorm basis and can report back in a couple of weeks after presidents have talked to constituents.
  • Harvey will help them get their foot in the door, will be contingent on individual dorm approval

Funding Proposals

Wellness Week

- (Yao, chair of UA Committee on Student Life): focuses on Mental Health, Nutrition, Working Out 
- require $25,000, need more funding - asking for $1,500
- would like presidents to email dorms to help advertise week, email GRTs/housemasters about having healthy study breaks
- goal to permeate atmosphere around campus and have events going on all the time
* got $500

Collegiate Party Renaissance

- Throw events without alcohol, starting with Thursday night party during last Rush
- Proposing Spring Weekend non-alcoholic dance party on Friday, April 28 open to all students around campus
- requesting $1,000 
* got $400

Panhel Sexual Assault Speaker

- would like $250 to defray $2,000 cost of speaker (would come out of Exec)

// concern is that none of these three events are taking place in an undergrad dorm or are sponsored by a dorm

* events budget has $2,000 left for the semester: voted on $500/$400

EC - y BC - y Senior House - y New - y Random - y Simmons - y Macgregor -y Baker - y


  • housemanagers/housemasters will have lists of assigned prefrosh for reference if necessary
  • CPW is a dry weekend
  • DormCon needs people to give tours from 1-4PM all around campus this Saturday


  • went to Emmanuel college, ate food
  • MIT cable, late night dining now at Pritchett

Risk Management

  • Simmons went before Cambridge Licensing Commission (CLC), had gone above and beyond expectations in developing alcohol awareness training, but still need to see them again in 6 months


  • will have feedback from legal very soon
  • will come to Dormcon and present in a few weeks, or else graduate and cry


  • Sarah needs activities to talk about at SLOPE next Wednesday
  • people think CPW is distracting Rex chairs
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